MailModule 对象(Outlook)MailModule object (Outlook)

代表浏览器的导航窗格中的 "邮件" 导航模块。Represents the Mail navigation module in the navigation pane of an explorer.


从**NavigationModule** 对象派生的MailModule对象提供对浏览器的导航窗格的 "邮件" 导航模块中所包含的导航组的只读访问权限。The MailModule object, derived from the NavigationModule object, provides read-only access to the navigation groups contained in the Mail navigation module of the navigation pane for an explorer. 使用**GetNavigationModule** 方法或父**NavigationPane** 对象的 module 集合的 Item 方法检索NavigationModule对象,然后使用NavigationModule对象的**NavigationModuleType** 属性检索导航模块类型。Use the GetNavigationModule method or the Item method of the Modules collection for the parent NavigationPane object to retrieve a NavigationModule object, then use the NavigationModuleType property of the NavigationModule object to retrieve the navigation module type. 如果 NavigationModuleType 属性设置为 olModuleMail,则可以将 NavigationModule 对象引用转换为 MailModule 对象以访问该导航模块的 NavigationGroups 属性。If the NavigationModuleType property is set to olModuleMail, you can then cast the NavigationModule object reference as a MailModule object to access the NavigationGroups property for that navigation module.


与其他导航模块(如**CalendarModule** 对象)不同,您不能创建或删除MailModule对象中的导航组。Unlike other navigation modules, such as the CalendarModule object, you cannot create or delete navigation groups in the MailModule object.

可以使用**Visible** 属性确定导航模块是否可见,定位 属性返回或设置导航窗格中导航模块的显示位置。You can use the Visible property to determine if the navigation module is visible, and the Position property to return or set the display position of the navigation module within the navigation pane. 您可以使用**Name** 属性返回导航窗格中的 "邮件" 导航模块的显示名称。You can use the Name property to return the display name of the Mail navigation module within the navigation pane.



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