NoteItem 方法(Outlook)NoteItem.Delete method (Outlook)

从包含项目的文件夹中移除的项。Removes the item from the folder that contains the item.



_表达式_一个代表NoteItem对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a NoteItem object.


Delete 方法删除集合中的单个项。The Delete method deletes a single item in a collection. 若要删除一个文件夹的 集合中的所有项目,您必须都删除开头的文件夹中的最后一项每个项。To delete all items in the Items collection of a folder, you must delete each item starting with the last item in the folder. 例如,在项集合中的一个文件夹中, AllItems,如果有 n文件夹中的项目数,开始删除 AllItems.Item(n),递减每次删除 AllItems.Item(1)之前的索引处的项。For example, in the items collection of a folder, AllItems, if there are n number of items in the folder, start deleting the item at AllItems.Item(n), decrementing the index each time until you delete AllItems.Item(1).

Delete方法将该项目从包含它的文件夹移动到 已删除邮件文件夹。The Delete method moves the item from the containing folder to the Deleted Items folder. 如果包含它的文件夹的 已删除邮件文件夹, Delete方法将永久移除的项。If the containing folder is the Deleted Items folder, the Delete method removes the item permanently.

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删除 "已删除邮件" 文件夹中的所有项目和子文件夹Delete All Items and Subfolders in the Deleted Items Folder

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