OlNavigationModuleType 枚举(Outlook)OlNavigationModuleType enumeration (Outlook)

标识 NavigationModule 对象的导航模块类型。Identifies the navigation module type of a NavigationModule object.

名称Name Value 说明Description
olModuleCalendarolModuleCalendar 11 一个代表 "日历" 导航模块的**CalendarModule** 对象。A CalendarModule object that represents the Calendar navigation module.
olModuleContactsolModuleContacts 双面2 一个代表 "联系人" 导航模块的**ContactsModule** 对象。A ContactsModule object that represents the Contacts navigation module.
olModuleFolderListolModuleFolderList 6 6 NavigationModule 对象,该对象代表的 文件夹列表导航模块。A NavigationModule object that represents the Folders List navigation module.
olModuleJournalolModuleJournal 4 4 一个代表 "日记" 导航模块的**JournalModule** 对象。A JournalModule object that represents the Journal navigation module.
olModuleMailolModuleMail 00 一个代表 "邮件" 导航模块的**MailModule** 对象。A MailModule object that represents the Mail navigation module.
olModuleNotesolModuleNotes 5 5 一个代表 "便笺" 导航模块的**NotesModule** 对象。A NotesModule object that represents the Notes navigation module.
olModuleShortcutsolModuleShortcuts 7 7 表示 快捷方式导航模块的 NavigationModule 对象。A NavigationModule object that represents the Shortcuts navigation module.
olModuleSolutionsolModuleSolutions 8 8 一个代表 "解决方案" 导航模块的**SolutionsModule** 对象。A SolutionsModule object that represents the Solutions navigation module.
olModuleTasksolModuleTasks 第三章3 一个代表 "任务" 导航模块的**TasksModule** 对象。A TasksModule object that represents the Tasks navigation module.


NavigationModule 属性(Outlook)对以下对象使用此枚举来标识导航模块的类型:This enumeration is used by the NavigationModule.NavigationModuleType property (Outlook) for the following objects to identify the type of navigation module:

  1. CalendarModuleCalendarModule

  2. ContactsModuleContactsModule

  3. JournalModuleJournalModule

  4. MailModuleMailModule

  5. ModuleModule

  6. NotesModuleNotesModule

  7. SolutionsModuleSolutionsModule

  8. TasksModuleTasksModule

NavigationModules 方法(Outlook)也使用枚举来标识要检索的NavigationModule的导航模块类型。The enumeration is also used by the NavigationModules.GetNavigationModule method (Outlook) to identify the navigation module type of the NavigationModule to retrieve.

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