RuleConditions 属性(Outlook)RuleConditions.Count property (Outlook)

返回 Long 类型,表示指定集合中的对象的计数。Returns a Long indicating the count of objects in the specified collection. 此为只读属性。Read-only.



_表达式_一个代表RuleConditions对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a RuleConditions object.


您可以枚举**RuleConditions** 集合从1到RuleConditions ,以确定现有规则的所有规则条件。You can enumerate the RuleConditions collection from 1 through RuleConditions.Count to determine all the rule conditions for an existing rule. 尽管规则条件并不是所有的规则和通知向导支持的规则条件下使用规则 OM 支持只使用最常用创建规则, RuleConditions 集合仍包括了一个规则的所有规则条件。Although the Rules OM supports creating rules with only the most commonly used rule conditions and not all rule conditions supported by the Rules and Alerts Wizard, the RuleConditions collection includes all rule conditions of a rule. 因此您总是可以枚举 RuleConditions 集合对象以确定启用现有规则的规则条件。Hence you can always enumerate the RuleConditions collection object to determine which rule conditions are enabled for an existing rule.

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RuleConditions 对象RuleConditions Object

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