Tab.Caption Property (Outlook Forms Script)Tab.Caption Property (Outlook Forms Script)

返回或设置一个指定读/写选项卡的显示的文本的字符串Returns or sets a String that specifies the text that appears on the tab. Read/write.


expressionexpression. CaptionCaption

_表达式_代表一个Tab对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a Tab object.


对象的默认标题是基于对象类型的唯一名称。The default caption for an object is a unique name based on the type of object. 例如,"CommandButton1"是窗体中第一个命令按钮的默认标题。For example, CommandButton1 is the default caption for the first command button in a form.

如果对象的标题太长,标题将被截断。If an object's caption is too long, the caption is truncated. 如果窗体的标题相对于标题栏来说太长,标题将带省略号显示。If a form's caption is too long for the title bar, the title is displayed with an ellipsis.