TabStrip 属性(Outlook 窗体脚本) ClientHeightTabStrip.ClientHeight Property (Outlook Forms Script)

返回一个 Single 类型的值,该值代表 TabStrip 的显示区的高度尺寸。Returns a Single value that represents the height dimension of the display area of a TabStrip. 此为只读属性。Read-only.



_表达式_一个代表TabStrip对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a TabStrip object.


对于ClientHeight和**ClientWidth,指定与 TabStrip 的容器的上边缘和左边缘分别的距离(以为单位)。For ClientHeight and ClientWidth, specifies the distance, in points, from respectively the top and left edge of the TabStrip's container. 对于ClientLeft** 和**ClientTop**,分别指定 TabStrip 的容器的上边缘和左边缘的位置(以为单位)。For ClientLeft and ClientTop, specifies the location, in points, of respectively the top and left edges of the TabStrip's container.

在运行时, ClientLeftClientTopClientHeightClientWidth自动存储tabstrip控件内部区域的坐标和尺寸,该内部区域由tabstrip中的对象共享。At run time, ClientLeft, ClientTop, ClientHeight, and ClientWidth automatically store the coordinates and dimensions of the TabStrip control's internal area, which is shared by objects in the TabStrip.

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