Column。 Select 方法 (PowerPoint)Column.Select method (PowerPoint)

选择指定的对象。Selects the specified object.



_表达式_一个代表Column对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a Column object.


如果做出不适用于当前视图的选择,此代码将失败。If you try to make a selection that isn't appropriate for the view, your code will fail. 例如,可以在幻灯片浏览视图中而不能在幻灯片视图中选择幻灯片。For example, you can select a slide in slide sorter view but not in slide view.


本示例选择活动演示文稿中第一张幻灯片标题的前五个字符。This example selects the first five characters in the title of slide one in the active presentation.

ActivePresentation.Slides(1).Shapes.Title.TextFrame _
    .TextRange.Characters(1, 5).Select

本示例选择活动演示文稿中的第一张幻灯片。This example selects slide one in the active presentation.


本示例选取一个已添加到演示文稿的新幻灯片中的表格。This example selects a table that has been added to a new slide in a new presentation. 该表格具有三行和三列。The table has three rows and three columns.

With Presentations.Add.Slides

    .Add(1, ppLayoutBlank).Shapes.AddTable(3, 3).Select

End With

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