SlideShowWindow 属性 (PowerPoint)Presentation.SlideShowWindow property (PowerPoint)

返回一个**SlideShowWindow** 对象, 该对象代表正在运行的指定演示文稿所在的幻灯片放映窗口。Returns a SlideShowWindow object that represents the slide show window in which the specified presentation is running. 此为只读属性。Read-only.


expressionexpression. SlideShowWindow

_表达式_一个代表Presentation对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a Presentation object.

返回值Return value



您可以将此属性与Me关键字和Parent属性结合使用, 以返回在其中触发 ActiveX 控件事件的幻灯片放映窗口, 如示例中所示。You can use this property in conjunction with the Me keyword and the Parent property to return the slide show window in which an ActiveX control event was fired, as shown in the example.


下面的示例显示名为"cmdBack"和"cmdForward"的按钮的单击事件过程。The following example shows the Click event procedures for buttons named "cmdBack" and "cmdForward". 如果您将这些按钮添加到幻灯片母版,并将这些事件过程添加到这些,根据母版 (并设为显示母版背景图形) 的所有幻灯片将都具有这些幻灯片放映时将处于活动状态的导航按钮。If you add these buttons to the slide master and add these event procedures to them, all slides based on the master (and set to show master background graphics) will have these navigation buttons that will be active during a slide show. Me关键字返回Master对象, 该对象代表包含控件的幻灯片母版。The Me keyword returns the Master object that represents the slide master that contains the control. 如果该控件是在单独的幻灯片上,则该控件的事件过程中的 Me 关键字将返回一个 Slide 对象。If the control were on an individual slide, the Me keyword in an event procedure for that control would return a Slide object.

Private Sub cmdBack_Click()


End Sub

Private Sub cmdForward_Click()


End Sub

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