EnableCancelKey 属性(Project)Application.EnableCancelKey property (Project)

获取或设置运行宏时处理控制方式 CTRL + BREAK 键组合的值。Gets or sets a value that controls how the CTRL + BREAK key combination is handled when a macro is running. 读/写PjEnableCancelKeyRead/write PjEnableCancelKey.


expressionexpression. EnableCancelKey

expression:表示 Application 对象的变量。expression A variable that represents an Application object.


EnableCancelKey 属性可以是下面的 PjEnableCancelKey 常量之一: pjDisabledpjErrorHandlerpjInterruptThe EnableCancelKey property can be one of the following PjEnableCancelKey constants: pjDisabled, pjErrorHandler, or pjInterrupt.


下面的示例演示如何使用 EnableCancelKey 属性来创建自定义取消错误处理程序。The following example shows how you can use the EnableCancelKey property to create a custom cancellation error handler.

Sub CancelOperation() 
 Dim X As Long 
 On Error GoTo handleCancel 
 Application.EnableCancelKey = pjErrorHandler 
 MsgBox "This may take a long time; press CTRL+BREAK to cancel." 
 For X = 1 To 300000000 
 ' Do something here. 
 Next X 
 If Err = 18 Then 
 MsgBox "Operation cancelled" 
 End If 
End Sub

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