Chart.RightAngleAxes 属性 (Project)Chart.RightAngleAxes Property (Project)

如此 如果图表的坐标轴为直角,并与图表旋转角或仰角无关。True if the chart axes are at right angles, independent of chart rotation or elevation. 适用于仅三维折线图、 三维柱形和三维条形图。Applies only to 3-D line, 3-D column, and 3-D bar charts. 可读写 BooleanRead/write Boolean.


expressionexpression. RightAngleAxes

_表达式_代表图表对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a 'Chart' object.


如果RightAngleAxes属性为True,则忽略**Perspective** 属性。If the RightAngleAxes property is True, the Perspective property is ignored.


以下示例设置图表的坐标轴相交直角。The following example sets the chart axes to intersect at right angles. 应在三维图表上运行该示例。The example should be run on a 3-D chart.

Sub SetRightAngleAxes()
    Dim chartShape As Shape
    Dim reportName As String
    reportName = "Simple 3-D chart"
    Set chartShape = ActiveProject.Reports(reportName).Shapes(1)
    chartShape.Chart.RightAngleAxes = True
End Sub

属性值Property value


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