OLEFormat 对象 (发布服务器)OLEFormat object (Publisher)

代表 OLE 特征,而不链接 (请参阅 LinkFormat 对象)、 OLE 对象、 ActiveX 控件或字段。Represents the OLE characteristics, other than linking (see the LinkFormat object), for an OLE object, ActiveX control, or field.


并非所有类型的形状或字段都有 OLE 性能。Not all types of shapes and fields have OLE capabilities. 使用Shape对象的**Type** 属性可确定指定形状落在哪个类别中。Use the Type property of the Shape object to determine into which category the specified shape falls.

使用 ActivateDoVerb 方法可自动操作 OLE 对象。Use the Activate and DoVerb methods to automate an OLE object.

使用 OLEFormat 形状或字段返回一个 OLEFormat 对象的属性。Use the OLEFormat property for a shape or field to return an OLEFormat object.


下面的示例激活活动出版物中的所有 OLE 对象。The following example activates all OLE objects in the active publication.

Sub ActivateOLEObjects() 
 Dim shpShape As Shape 
 For Each shpShape In ActiveDocument.Pages(1).Shapes 
 If shpShape.Type = pbLinkedOLEObject Then 
 End If 
End Sub



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