DefaultTrayID 属性(Word)Options.DefaultTrayID property (Word)

返回或设置打印机用于打印文档的默认纸盒。Returns or sets the default tray your printer uses to print documents. 读/写WdPaperTrayRead/write WdPaperTray.


expressionexpression. DefaultTrayID

_表达式_一个代表**Options** 对象的变量。expression A variable that represents an Options object.


选项对话框中的 打印选项卡上 默认纸盒框中的字符串中,可以使用 DefaultTray属性来设置该选项。You can use the DefaultTrayproperty with a string from the Default tray box on the Print tab in the Options dialog box to set this same option.


本示例设置 Word 以使用上层纸盒,然后打印活动文档。This example sets Word to use the upper print tray, and then it prints the active document.

Options.DefaultTrayID = wdPrinterUpperBin 

本示例返回 "选项" 对话框中 "打印" 选项卡上 "默认纸盒" 选项的当前设置。This example returns the current setting of the Default tray option on the Print tab in the Options dialog box.

Dim lngTray As Long 
lngTray = Options.DefaultTrayID

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