ClearCharacterAllFormatting 方法 (Word)Selection.ClearCharacterAllFormatting method (Word)

从所选文本中删除所有字符格式(包括通过字符样式应用的格式和手动应用的格式)。Removes all character formatting (formatting applied either through character styles or manually applied formatting) from the selected text.


expressionexpression. ClearCharacterAllFormatting

_表达式_一个返回**Selection** 对象的表达式。expression An expression that returns a Selection object.


此方法将删除所有字符格式。This method removes all character formatting. 如果需要删除通过字符样式应用的格式, 请使用**ClearCharacterStyle** 方法。If you need to removed formatting applied through character styles, use the ClearCharacterStyle method. 若要删除用户手动应用使用 Microsoft Word 格式功能的字符的字符格式,请使用 ClearCharacterDirectFormatting 方法。To remove character formatting that the user has manually applied using Microsoft Word character formatting features, use the ClearCharacterDirectFormatting method.


若要删除段落格式, 请参阅**ClearParagraphAllFormattingClearParagraphDirectFormattingClearParagraphStyle** 方法。To remove paragraph formatting, see the ClearParagraphAllFormatting, ClearParagraphDirectFormatting, or ClearParagraphStyle method.

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