CreateTextbox 方法 (Word)Selection.CreateTextbox method (Word)

在选定内容周围添加一个默认大小的文本框。Adds a default-size text box around the selection.


expression.expression. CreateTextbox

_表达式_是必需的。expression Required. 表示 Selection 对象的变量。A variable that represents a Selection object.


如果所选内容是一个插入点,本方法将鼠标指针设为十字型指针,以便绘制一个文本框。If the selection is an insertion point, this method changes the pointer to a cross-hair pointer so that the user can draw a text box.

使用此方法等效于单击 "绘图" 工具栏上的 "文本框" 按钮。Using this method is equivalent to clicking the Text Box button on the Drawing toolbar. 文本框是一个具有关联文本框架的矩形。A text box is a rectangle with an associated text frame.


本示例在选定内容周围添加一个文本框,然后改变该文本框样式。This example adds a text box around the selection and then changes the text box's line style.

If Selection.Type = wdSelectionNormal Then 
 Selection.ShapeRange(1).Line.DashStyle =msoLineDashDot 
End If

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