EnhMetaFileBits 属性 (Word)Selection.EnhMetaFileBits property (Word)

返回一个Variant类型的值, 该值代表选定内容或文本区域的显示方式的图片表示形式。Returns a Variant that represents a picture representation of how a selection or range of text appears.


expressionexpression. EnhMetaFileBits

_表达式_一个代表**Selection** 对象的变量。expression A variable that represents a Selection object.


EnhMetaFileBits属性返回一个字节数组, 可与 microsoft Visual Basic 或 microsoft c + + 开发环境中的 microsoft Windows 32 应用程序编程接口一起使用。The EnhMetaFileBits property returns an array of bytes, which can be used with the Microsoft Windows 32 Application Programming Interface from within the Microsoft Visual Basic or Microsoft C++ development environment.


下面的示例返回EnhMetaFileBits属性。The following example returns the EnhMetaFileBits property.

Dim bytSelection() As Byte 
bytSelection = Selection.EnhMetaFileBits

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