GoToEditableRange 方法 (Word)Selection.GoToEditableRange method (Word)

返回一个 Range 对象,该对象代表指定用户或用户组可以修改的文档区域。Returns a Range object that represents an area of a document that can be modified by the specified user or group of users.


expressionexpression. GoToEditableRange( _EditorID_ )

expression:必需。expression Required. 表示 Selection 对象的变量。A variable that represents a Selection object.


名称Name 必需/可选Required/Optional 数据类型Data type 说明Description
EditorIDEditorID 可选Optional VariantVariant 可以是一个字符串, 表示用户的电子邮件别名 (如果在同一域中)、电子邮件地址或代表一组用户的WdEditorType常量。Can be either a String that represents the user's email alias (if in the same domain), an email address, or a WdEditorType constant that represents a group of users. 如果省略,则选择所有用户都有权限编辑的所有区域。If omitted, selects all ranges for which all users have permissions to edit.

返回值Return value



您还可以使用Editor对象的**NextRange** 属性返回用户有权修改的下一个区域。You can also use the NextRange property of the Editor object to return the next range for which the user has permission to modify.


以下示例转到当前用户有权修改的下一区域。The following example goes to the next range for which the current user has permission to modify.

Selection.GoToEditableRange wdEditorCurrent

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