InsertFormula 方法 (Word)Selection.InsertFormula method (Word)

插入包含选定内容的公式的 = (Formula) 域。Inserts an = (Formula) field that contains a formula at the selection.


表达式Formula(Formula, NumberFormat)expression.Formula (Formula, NumberFormat)

expression:必需。expression Required. 表示 Selection 对象的变量。A variable that represents a Selection object.


名称Name 必需/可选Required/Optional 数据类型Data type 说明Description
FormulaFormula 可选Optional VariantVariant 希望 = (Formula) 域求值的数学公式。The mathematical formula you want the = (Formula) field to evaluate. 可以使用与电子表格类似的方式引用表格中的单元格。Spreadsheet-type references to table cells are valid. 例如,"=SUM(A4:C4)"指定第四行中的前三个值。For example, "=SUM(A4:C4)" specifies the first three values in the fourth row. 有关 = (Formula) 域的详细内容,请参阅域代码:= (Formula) 域。For more information about the = (Formula) field, see Field codes:= (Formula) field.
NumberFormatNumberFormat 可选Optional VariantVariant = (Formula) 域的结果的格式。A format for the result of the = (Formula) field. 有关可应用的格式类型的信息,请参阅"数字图片 (#)"域开关。For information about the types of formats you can apply, see Numeric Picture (#) field switch.


如果所选内容未折叠,则该公式将替换所选内容。The formula replaces the selection, if the selection is not collapsed.

如果正在使用电子表格应用程序(如 Microsoft Office Excel),那么在文档中嵌入全部或部分工作表比在表格中使用 = (Formula) 域更简单易行。If you are using a spreadsheet application, such as Microsoft Office Excel, embedding all or part of a worksheet in a document is often easier than using the = (Formula) field in a table.

如果所选内容位于单元格中, 且包含插入点的单元格的上方或左侧至少有一个包含值的单元格, 则 Formula 参数是可选的。The Formula argument is optional only if the selection is in a cell and there is at least one cell that contains a value above or to the left of the cell that contains the insertion point. 如果插入点上方的单元格不包含值,插入的字段是 {= SUM(ABOVE)};如果单元格左侧插入的点,包含值时,插入的字段是 sum。If the cells above the insertion point contain values, the inserted field is {=SUM(ABOVE)}; if the cells to the left of the insertion point contain values, the inserted field is {=SUM(LEFT)}. 如果插入点上方的单元格和其左侧的单元格都包含值, Microsoft Word 将使用以下规则来确定要插入的 SUM 函数:If both the cells above the insertion point and the cells to the left of it contain values, Microsoft Word uses the following rules to determine which SUM function to insert:

  • 如果紧邻插入点上面的单元格中含有数值,则 Word 插入 {=SUM(ABOVE)}。If the cell immediately above the insertion point contains a value, Word inserts {=SUM(ABOVE)}.

  • 如果紧邻插入点上方的单元格不包含值,但紧邻插入点左边的单元格包含值,则 Word 插入 {=SUM(LEFT)}。If the cell immediately above the insertion point does not contain a value but the cell immediately to the left of the insertion point does, Word inserts {=SUM(LEFT)}.

  • 如果紧邻插入点上方的单元格和下方的单元格都不包含值,则 Word 插入 {=SUM(ABOVE)}。If neither cell immediately above the insertion point nor the cell immediately below it contains a value, Word inserts {=SUM(ABOVE)}.

  • 如果不指定Formula , 并且插入点上方和左边的所有单元格均为空, 则使用 = (Formula) 域将导致错误。If you don't specify Formula and all the cells above and to the left of the insertion point are empty, using the = (Formula) field causes an error.


本示例在活动文档的开始处创建一个三行三列的表格,然后计算第一列中所有数值的平均值。This example creates a table with three rows and three columns at the beginning of the active document and then calculates the average of all the numbers in the first column.

Set MyRange = ActiveDocument.Range(0, 0) 
Set myTable = ActiveDocument.Tables.Add(MyRange, 3, 3) 
With myTable 
 .Cell(1, 1).Range.InsertAfter "100" 
 .Cell(2, 1).Range.InsertAfter "50" 
 .Cell(3, 1).Select 
End With 
Selection.InsertFormula Formula:="=Average(Above)"

本示例插入一个公式域, 该字段从名为 "GrossSales" 的书签所表示的值中减去。The example inserts a formula field that is subtracted from a value represented by the bookmark named "GrossSales." 结果设置为美元符号。The result is formatted with a dollar sign.

Selection.Collapse Direction:=wdCollapseStart 
Selection.InsertFormula Formula:= "=GrossSales-45,000.00", _ 

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