ReadingModeGrowFont 方法 (Word)Selection.ReadingModeGrowFont method (Word)

在以阅读模式显示文档时,将所显示文本的大小增大一磅。Increases the size of the displayed text one point size when the document is displayed in Reading mode.


expressionexpression. ReadingModeGrowFont

_表达式_一个返回Selection对象的表达式。expression An expression that returns a Selection object.

返回值Return value



使用**ReadingModeShrinkFont** 方法可减小文本的大小。Use the ReadingModeShrinkFont method to decrease the size of the text. 这不会影响文档中的字号,而只会在以阅读模式查看文档时影响文本的大小。This does not affect the size of the font in the document, only the size of the text while viewing the document in Reading mode.


[!注释] 该方法无需选择文本,就可以影响以阅读模式显示的文本。Text does not need to be selected for this method to affect the text displayed in Reading mode. 以阅读模式显示的所有文本的文本大小都将受到影响。Text size for all text displayed in Reading mode is affected.

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