WdAlertLevel 枚举 (Word)WdAlertLevel enumeration (Word)

指定运行宏时产生的一些警告和消息的处理方式。Specifies the way certain alerts and messages are handled while a macro is running.

名称Name Value 说明Description
wdAlertsAllwdAlertsAll -1-1 显示所有的消息框和警告,并将错误返回宏。All message boxes and alerts are displayed; errors are returned to the macro.
wdAlertsMessageBoxwdAlertsMessageBox -2-2 仅显示消息框,同时捕获错误并将其返回宏。Only message boxes are displayed; errors are trapped and returned to the macro.
wdAlertsNonewdAlertsNone 00 不显示任何警告或消息框。No alerts or message boxes are displayed. 如果出现消息框,宏将选择默认值并继续运行。If a macro encounters a message box, the default value is chosen and the macro continues.

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