WdTextOrientation 枚举 (Word)WdTextOrientation enumeration (Word)

指定区域或选定内容中的文字方向。Specifies the text direction in a range or selection.

名称Name Value 说明Description
wdTextOrientationDownwardwdTextOrientationDownward 第三章3 文字向斜下方排列。Text flows downward on a slope.
wdTextOrientationHorizontalwdTextOrientationHorizontal 00 文字水平排列。Text flows horizontally. 默认值。Default.
wdTextOrientationHorizontalRotatedFarEastwdTextOrientationHorizontalRotatedFarEast 44 文字水平排列,但方向是从右向左,以适应从右向左的语言。Text flows horizontally but from right to left to accommodate right-to-left languages.
wdTextOrientationUpwardwdTextOrientationUpward 双面2 文字向斜上方排列。Text flows upward on a slope.
wdTextOrientationVerticalFarEastwdTextOrientationVerticalFarEast 11 文字纵向排列,阅读方向是从上向下、从右向左。Text flows vertically and reads downward from the top, right to left.
wdTextOrientationVerticalwdTextOrientationVertical 55 文字纵向排列,阅读方向是从上向下、从左向右。Text flows vertically and reads downward from the top, left to right.

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