XlCategoryLabelLevel 枚举(Word)XlCategoryLabelLevel enumeration (Word)

指定要传递给CategoryLabelLevel属性并由该属性返回的图表类别标签级别。Specifies the chart category-label levels, passed to and returned by the Chart.CategoryLabelLevel property.

名称Name Value 说明Description
xlCategoryLabelLevelAllxlCategoryLabelLevelAll -1-1 在图表的范围内使用所有类别标签级别。Use all category label levels within range on the chart. 默认值。The default.
xlCategoryLabelLevelCustomxlCategoryLabelLevelCustom -2-2 指示分类标签中的文本数据。Indicates literal data in the category labels.
xlCategoryLabelLevelNonexlCategoryLabelLevelNone -3-3 在图表中不使用分类标签。Use no category labels in the chart. 默认值为自动编制索引标签。Defaults to automatic indexed labels.

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