VBA 术语表VBA Glossary

适用于 Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) 的术语术语表。Glossary of terms for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

加速键accelerator key

一个用作可用于选择某个对象的快捷方式的字符。A single character used as a shortcut for selecting an object. 按 Alt 键和加速键会将焦点移到该对象并启动与该对象关联的一个或多个事件。Pressing the ALT key, followed by the accelerator key gives focus to the object and initiates one or more events associated with the object. 为每个对象引发的具体事件都不一样。The specific event or events initiated varies from one object to another. 如果代码与某个事件关联,则在启动该事件时将会处理相应的代码。If code is associated with an event, it is processed when the event is initiated. 此外,加速键也称作键盘加速键、快捷键或键盘快捷方式。Also called keyboard accelerator, shortcut key, keyboard shortcut.

背景色background color

用于显示所有绘图和颜色的空白窗口或显示屏的客户区域的颜色。The color of the client region of an empty window or display screen, on which all drawing and color display takes place.


描述其内容与特定数据源关联的控件,如工作表中的单元格或单元格范围。Describes a control whose contents are associated with a particular data source, such as a cell or cell range in a worksheet.


将某个设置更改为“关闭”或删除某个值。To change a setting to "off" or remove a value.

客户区域client region

应用程序用于显示输出(如文本或图形)的窗口部分。The portion of a window where an application displays output such as text or graphics.

上下文 IDcontext ID

对应于应用程序中的特定对象的唯一数字或字符串。A unique number or string that corresponds to a specific object in an application. 上下文 ID 可用于创建应用程序与对应的"帮助"主题之间的链接。Context IDs are used to create links between the application and corresponding Help topics.

控件组control group

一组在概念或逻辑上相关的控件。A set of controls that are conceptually or logically related. 概念上相关的控件通常一起显示但不一定会相互影响。Controls that are conceptually related are usually viewed together but do not necessarily affect each other. 逻辑上相关的控件则会相互影响。Controls that are logically related affect each other. 例如,通过设置一组选项按钮中的某个按钮会将该组中的所有其他按钮设置为 FalseFor example, setting one button in a group of option buttons sets the value of all other buttons in the group to False.

控件提示control tip

描述控件、页面选项卡的简短短语。当用户将鼠标指针短暂停留在控件上而不单击时, 将显示控件提示。A brief phrase that describes a control, a Page, or a Tab. The control tip appears when the user briefly holds the mouse pointer over a control without clicking. 控件提示与工具提示相似。A control tip is similar to a ToolTip. Microsoft Forms 在设计时为开发人员提供工具提示,而开发人员在运行时为用户提供控件提示。Microsoft Forms provides ToolTips to developers at design time, while developers provide control tips to end-users at run time.


一个用于向应用程序返回数据行的软件。A piece of software that returns rows of data to the application. 结果集上的游标指示结果集中的当前位置。A cursor on a result set indicates the current position in the result set.


按照定义的顺序在一组对象中移动。To move through a group of objects in a defined order.

数据格式data format

一个数据单元(如文件、数据库记录、电子表格中的单元格或字处理文档中的文本)的结构或外观。The structure or appearance of a unit of data, such as a file, a database record, a cell in a spreadsheet, or text in a word-processing document.

数据源data source

控件绑定到的数据位置,例如,工作表中的单元格。The location of data to which a control is bound, for example, a cell in a worksheet. 数据源的当前值可存储在控件的 Value 属性中。The current value of the data source can be stored in the Value property of a control. 但是控件不存储数据;它仅显示存储于数据源中的信息。However, the control does not store the data; it only displays the information that is stored in the data source.

基准控件dominant control

A reference for the Align command and Make Same Size command on the Format menu.A reference for the Align command and Make Same Size command on the Format menu. When aligning controls, the selected controls align to the dominant control.When aligning controls, the selected controls align to the dominant control. When sizing controls, the selected controls are assigned the dimensions of the dominant control.When sizing controls, the selected controls are assigned the dimensions of the dominant control. 基准控件由白色大小句柄指示。The dominant control is indicated by white sizing handles. 其他所选控件的大小句柄是黑色的。The sizing handles of the other selected controls are black.

放置源drop source

在拖放操作中拖动的所选文本或对象。The selected text or object that is dragged in a drag-and-drop operation.

枚举常量enumerated constant

可以在使用枚举的属性、方法或事件的说明中找到有关枚举数据项的其他信息。You can find additional information for an enumerated data item in the description of the property, method, or event that uses the enumeration.

前景色foreground color

当前所选的用于在屏幕上绘制或显示文本的颜色。The color that is currently selected for drawing or displaying text on screen. 在单色显示屏中,前景色是位图或其他图形的颜色。In monochrome displays, the foreground color is the color of a bitmap or other graphic.

网格块grid block

两个相邻网格点之前的空间。The space between two adjacent grid points.

输入法编辑器 (IME)Input Method Editor (IME)

将您键入的内容转换为 DBCS 语言字符 (如日语或中文) 的应用程序。An application that translates what you type into characters of a DBCS language, such as Japanese or Chinese. 在用户键入时, IME 显示可能的等效项。As the user types, the IME displays possible equivalents. 用户选择最合适的条目。The user selects the most appropriate entry.

继承的属性inherited property

一个已获得其他类的特性的属性。A property that has acquired the characteristics of another class.

键盘状态keyboard state

一个标识按下的键以及是否按下键盘修饰符 Shift、Ctrl 和 Alt 的返回值。A return value that identifies which keys are pressed and whether the keyboard modifiers SHIFT, CTRL, and ALT are pressed.

OLE 容器控件OLE container control

一个用于在 Visual Basic 应用程序中链接和嵌入其他应用程序中的对象的 Visual Basic 控件。A Visual Basic control that is used to link and embed objects from other applications in a Visual Basic application.

OLE 状态代码OLE status code

用于返回有关错误条件的信息的数据结构的错误号部分。The error number portion of a data structure that returns information for error conditions. 数据结构由对象链接和嵌入定义。The data structure is defined by Object Linking and Embedding.


一个出于安全原因掩盖或隐藏其他字符的字符。A character that masks or hides another character for security reasons. 例如,在用户键入密码时,在屏幕上显示星号以替代键入的每个字符。For example, when a user types a password, an asterisk is displayed on the screen to take the place of each character typed.

属性页property page

一组作为属性表的选项卡页呈现的属性。A grouping of properties presented as a tabbed page of a property sheet.


用于以红色 (R)、绿色 (G) 和蓝色 (B) 的混合形式描述颜色的颜色值系统。A color value system used to describe colors as a mixture of red (R), green (G), and blue (B). 颜色由一组三个整数 (R,G,B) 定义,其中每个整数的范围从 0 到 255。The color is defined as a set of three integers (R,G,B) where each integer ranges from 0-255. 值 0 指示颜色组分完全不存在。A value of 0 indicates a total absence of a color component. 值 255 指示颜色组分的最高饱和度。A value of 255 indicates the highest intensity of a color component.

系统颜色system colors

由操作系统针对特定类型的显示器和视频适配器定义的颜色。Colors that are defined by the operating system for a specific type of monitor and video adapter. 在 Windows 中,每种颜色与用户界面的特定部分关联,如窗口标题或菜单。In Windows, each color is associated with a specific part of the user interface, such as a window title or a menu.


用户将拖动的对象放置到的对象。An object onto which the user drops the object being dragged.


在背景不可见的情况下描述对象的背景。Describes the background of the object if the background is not visible. 您将看到对象后面的任何内容(例如,用作您的应用程序中的背景的图像或照片)而不是背景。Instead of the background, you see whatever is behind the object, for example, an image or picture used as a backdrop in your application. 使用 BackStyle 属性可使背景变得透明。Use the BackStyle property to make the background transparent.


描述与工作表单元格不相关的控件。Describes a control that is not related to a worksheet cell. 与此相反,绑定控件是可用于显示和编辑控件值的工作表单元格的数据源。In contrast, a bound control is a data source for a worksheet cell that provides access to display and edit the value of a control.

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