IsArray 函数IsArray function

返回指示变量 是否是数组Boolean 值。Returns a Boolean value indicating whether a variable is an array.



必需的_varname_ 参数是指定变量的标识符The required varname argument is an identifier specifying a variable.


“IsArray”**** 在变量是数组时返回“True”****;否则返回“False”****。IsArray returns True if the variable is an array; otherwise, it returns False. “IsArray”**** 对包含数组的变量尤其有用。IsArray is especially useful with variants containing arrays.


此示例使用 IsArray 函数检查变量是否是数组。This example uses the IsArray function to check if a variable is an array.

Dim MyArray(1 To 5) As Integer, YourArray, MyCheck    ' Declare array variables.
YourArray = Array(1, 2, 3)    ' Use Array function.
MyCheck = IsArray(MyArray)    ' Returns True.
MyCheck = IsArray(YourArray)    ' Returns True.

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