IsError 函数IsError function

返回一个 Boolean 值,指示表达式是否为错误值。Returns a Boolean value indicating whether an expression is an error value.



必需的_expression_ 参数可以是任何有效的表达式。The required expression argument can be any valid expression.


错误值是通过使用**CVErr** 函数将实数转换为错误值来创建的。Error values are created by converting real numbers to error values by using the CVErr function. IsError 函数用于确定数值表达式是否表示错误。The IsError function is used to determine if a numeric expression represents an error. 如果 expression 参数指示错误,则 IsError 返回 True;否则,返回 FalseIsError returns True if the expression argument indicates an error; otherwise, it returns False.


此示例使用IsError函数检查数值表达式是否为错误值。This example uses the IsError function to check if a numeric expression is an error value. 使用CVErr函数可从用户定义的函数返回错误变量The CVErr function is used to return an Error Variant from a user-defined function. 假定这UserFunction是一个返回错误值的用户定义的函数过程;例如, 使用语句UserFunction = CVErr(32767)分配的返回值, 其中32767是用户定义的数字。Assume that UserFunction is a user-defined function procedure that returns an error value; for example, a return value assigned with the statement UserFunction = CVErr(32767), where 32767 is a user-defined number.

Dim ReturnVal, MyCheck
ReturnVal = UserFunction()
MyCheck = IsError(ReturnVal)    ' Returns True.

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