Join 函数Join function

返回通过联接数组中包含的大量子字符串创建的字符串。Returns a string created by joining a number of substrings contained in an array.


联接(sourcearray, [定界符])Join(sourcearray, [ delimiter ])

Join 函数语法包含以下命名参数The Join function syntax has these named arguments:

PartPart 说明Description
sourcearraysourcearray 必需。Required. 一维度组,包含要联接的子字符串。One-dimensional array containing substrings to be joined.
分隔符delimiter 可选。Optional. 用于分隔返回字符串中子字符串的字符串。String character used to separate the substrings in the returned string. 如果省略,将使用空格 ("")。If omitted, the space character (" ") is used. 如果 delimiter 是一个零长度字符串 (""),将连接列表中的所有项,而不使用分隔符。If delimiter is a zero-length string (""), all items in the list are concatenated with no delimiters.

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