TextBox 控件、SetFocus 方法、EnterFieldBehavior、HideSelection、MultiLine 和 Value 属性示例TextBox control, SetFocus method, EnterFieldBehavior, HideSelection, MultiLine, Value properties example

下面的示例演示单个窗体或多个窗体的上下文中的**HideSelection** 属性。The following example demonstrates the HideSelection property in the context of either a single form or more than one form.

用户可以选择**TextBox** 和 tab 中的文本到窗体上的其他控件, 以及将焦点转移到第二个窗体。The user can select text in a TextBox and tab to other controls on a form, as well as transfer the focus to a second form. 此代码示例还使用**SetFocus** 方法以及**EnterFieldBehavior多行** 和**** 属性。This code sample also uses the SetFocus method, and the EnterFieldBehavior, MultiLine, and Value properties.

若要使用此示例,请按照下列步骤操作:To use this example, follow these steps:

  1. 将此示例代码(最后的事件子例程除外)复制到窗体的 Declarations 部分。Copy this sample code (except for the last event subroutine) to the Declarations portion of a form.

  2. 添加名为 TextBox1 的大TextBox 、名为 "ToggleButton1" 的**切换按钮** 和名为 "CommandButton1" 的**命令按钮**。Add a large TextBox named TextBox1, a ToggleButton named ToggleButton1, and a CommandButton named CommandButton1.

  3. 将第二个窗体插入此名为 UserForm2 的项目。Insert a second form into this project named UserForm2.

  4. 将此列表中最后的事件子例程粘贴到 UserForm2 的 Declarations 部分。Paste the last event subroutine of this listing into the Declarations section of UserForm2.

  5. 在此窗体中,添加一个名为 CommandButton1 的 CommandButtonIn this form, add a CommandButton named CommandButton1.

  6. 运行 UserForm1。Run UserForm1.

' ***** Code for UserForm1 ***** 
Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() 
 UserForm2.Show 'Bring up the second form. 
End Sub

Private Sub ToggleButton1_Click() 
 If ToggleButton1.Value = True Then 
 TextBox1.HideSelection = False 
 ToggleButton1.Caption = "Selection Visible" 
 TextBox1.HideSelection = True 
 ToggleButton1.Caption = "Selection Hidden" 
 End If 
End Sub

Private Sub UserForm_Initialize() 
 TextBox1.MultiLine = True 
 TextBox1.EnterFieldBehavior = fmEnterFieldBehaviorRecallSelection 
'Fill the TextBox 
 TextBox1.Text = "SelText indicates the starting " _ 
 & "point of selected text, or the insertion " _ 
 & point if no text is selected." & Chr$(10) _ 
 & Chr$(13) & "The SelStart property is " _ 
 & "always valid, even when the control does " _ 
 & "not have focus. Setting SelStart to a " _ 
 & "value less than zero creates an error. " _ 
 & Chr$(10) & Chr$(13) & "Changing the value " _ 
 & "of SelStart cancels any existing " _ 
 & "selection in the control, places " _ 
 & "an insertion point in the text, and sets " _ 
 & "the SelLength property to zero." 
 TextBox1.HideSelection = True 
 ToggleButton1.Caption = "Selection Hidden" 
 ToggleButton1.Value = False 

End Sub

' ***** Code for UserForm2 *****

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() 
End Sub

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