UCase 函数UCase function

返回包含转换为大写字母的指定字符串的 Variant (String)。Returns a Variant (String) containing the specified string, converted to uppercase.



必需的_字符串_参数是任何有效的字符串表达式The required string argument is any valid string expression. 如果_字符串_包含 Null,则返回 NullIf string contains Null, Null is returned.


仅将小写字母转换为大写字母;所有大写字母和非字母字符保持不变。Only lowercase letters are converted to uppercase; all uppercase letters and nonletter characters remain unchanged.


此示例使用 UCase 函数返回字符串的大写版本。This example uses the UCase function to return an uppercase version of a string.

Dim LowerCase, UpperCase
LowerCase = "Hello World 1234"    ' String to convert.
UpperCase = UCase(LowerCase)    ' Returns "HELLO WORLD 1234".

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