WeekdayName 函数WeekdayName function

返回指示一周的指定日的字符串。Returns a string indicating the specified day of the week.


WeekdayName(工作日缩写firstdayofweek)WeekdayName(weekday, abbreviate, firstdayofweek)

WeekdayName 函数语法包含以下部分:The WeekdayName function syntax has these parts:

PartPart 说明Description
星期weekday 必需。Required. 表示一周中的某一天的数字标识。The numeric designation for the day of the week. 一周中的每一天的 Numeric 值取决于 firstdayofweek 设置的设置。Numeric value of each day depends on setting of the firstdayofweek setting.
缩短abbreviate 可选。Optional. 指示一周中的每一天的名称是否为缩写的 Boolean 值。Boolean value that indicates if the weekday name is to be abbreviated. 如果省略,则默认值为 False,其意味着一周中的每一天的名称不是缩写的。If omitted, the default is False, which means that the weekday name is not abbreviated.
firstdayofweekfirstdayofweek 可选。Optional. 指示一周的第一天的 Numeric 值。Numeric value indicating the first day of the week. 请参阅“设置”部分以了解各个值。See Settings section for values.


firstdayofweek 参数可具有下列值:The firstdayofweek argument can have the following values:

常量Constant Value 说明Description
vbUseSystemvbUseSystem 00 默认值。Default. 使用区域语言支持 (NLS) API 设置。Use National Language Support (NLS) API setting.
vbSundayvbSunday 11 星期日Sunday
vbMondayvbMonday 双面2 星期一Monday
vbTuesdayvbTuesday 第三章3 星期二Tuesday
vbWednesdayvbWednesday 44 星期三Wednesday
vbThursdayvbThursday 55 星期四Thursday
vbFridayvbFriday 6 星期五Friday
vbSaturdayvbSaturday 7 星期六Saturday

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