Tasks object map (Project)Tasks object map (Project)

Project Tasks对象映射中显示的子对象的Tasks集合对象。The Tasks object map for Project shows the child objects of the Tasks collection object. 从项目任务对象层次结构中有任何更改。There are no changes in the Tasks object hierarchy from Project.

Tasks集合可以是项目选定内容或另一个任务的子元素。A Tasks collection can be a child of Project, Selection, or another Task. 例如, Task.PredecessorTasksTask.SuccessorTasks属性返回Tasks集合。For example, the Task.PredecessorTasks and the Task.SuccessorTasks properties each return a Tasks collection.

应用程序项目对象的概述和的资源日历集合的详细信息,请参阅以下各项:For an overview of the Application and Project objects, and for details of the Resources and Calendars collections, see the following:

任务对象层次结构Tasks Object Hierarchy

注释 下图中的对象没有链接到的文档页。Note Objects in the following image do not link to the documentation pages.

任务对象层次结构 图例 VBA 对象映射Tasks object hierarchy Legend for the VBA object maps

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