Office 365 管理员概述Office 365 admin overview

购买 Office 365 商业版计划时, 我们为你提供具有管理员权限的特殊帐户。When you buy an Office 365 business plan, we give you a special account that has admin permissions. 此帐户称为管理员帐户。This account is called an admin account.

使用此帐户, 您可以访问 Microsoft 365 管理中心, 以管理您的业务: 添加用户、管理订阅、重置密码等。With this account you can access the Microsoft 365 admin center to manage your business: add users, manage your subscription, reset passwords, and more. 试一试!Try it!

在上使用管理员帐户登录。Sign in with your admin account at

使用管理员帐户登录到位于的 Office 365 德国。Sign in with your admin account to Office 365 Germany at

使用管理员帐户登录到由世纪互联运营的 Office 365 https://portal.partner.microsoftonline.cnSign in with your admin account to Office 365 operated by 21Vianet at

如果您收到 "您无权访问此页或执行此操作的权限" 消息, 则您不是管理员。If you get the message "You don't have permission to access this page or perform this action," you aren't an admin.

我的公司中谁拥有管理员权限?Who has admin permissions in my business?

需要寻找管理员来重置密码、删除帐户或执行其他任务时,应联系以下人员:When looking for your admin to reset your password, delete an account, or do other tasks, here's who you should contact:

  • 大学和学院 :联系技术支持团队。Universities and schools: Contact your technical support team. 通常可在大学网站上找到一个链接。Usually you can find a link on your university site. 在较小的学校, 可能只有几个人拥有管理员权限。At smaller schools, there may be just a few individuals who have admin permissions.

  • 大型企业 :联系内部支持人员/技术支持人员。Large businesses: Contact your internal help desk / technical support.

  • 小型企业 :联系企业所有者/共同所有者。他们通常会向 IT 顾问授予管理员权限,让 IT 顾问处理公司中的所有计算机维护工作。Small businesses: Contact the business owner / co-owner. Often they give admin permissions to their IT consultant who does all the computer maintenance work for their business.

默认情况下,注册并购买 Office 365 商业版订阅的用户可获得管理员权限。该用户可向其他人员分配管理员权限,帮助其管理组织的 Office 365。By default, the person who signs up for and buys an Office 365 for business subscription gets admin permissions. That person can assign admin permissions to other people to help them manage Office 365 for their organization.

如果你不知道谁在你的工作或学校联系寻求帮助, 请尝试向你授予你的用户帐户和密码的人。If you have no idea who to contact at your work or school for help, try asking the person who gave you your user account and password.