Kaizala 入门Get started with Kaizala

下面是四个简单而又强大的功能-您可以执行哪些操作来充分利用 Kaizala。Here are four easy – yet powerful – things you can do to get the most out of Kaizala. 此简单入门指南将为你的组织启用以下四个功能强大的方案。This simple getting started guide will enable the following four powerful scenarios for your organization.

让所有人共同参与的图像Image of Bring Everyone Together

将所有人聚集到一起Bring everyone together
构建公司范围内的 电话目录 ,让所有员工能够发现并与组织中的任何人联系。Build a company-wide phone directory and enable all your employees to discover and connect with anyone in the organization.
"获取对话" 的图像Image of Get Conversations Going

让对话继续下去Get conversations going
在组织内启用 安全聊天、讨论和知识共享,同时保留完整的数据所有权。Enable secure chat, discussions, and knowledge sharing within your organization while retaining complete ownership of data.
与员工的连接图像Image of Connect with Employees

与员工联系Connect with employees
通过使用整个外部网络共享公告和收集反馈,创建 公司连接 组并延长公司的沟通。Create company connect groups and extend corporate communication by sharing announcements and collecting feedback with entire external networks.
数字化日常任务的图像Image of Digitize Everyday Tasks

使每天的任务数字化Digitize everyday tasks
使用 Kaizala 操作 可对流程(如现场数据收集、出席、培训、调查等)进行数字化处理。Use Kaizala Actions to digitize processes such as field data collection, attendance, trainings, surveys, and many more.