Kaizala 公用组Kaizala public groups

Kaizala 公共组允许公司在 Kaizala 上使用单个通道,在这里,他们可以使用多个 Kaizala 订阅者进行私下连接。Kaizala public groups allow companies to use a single channel on Kaizala, where they can connect privately with lots of Kaizala subscribers. 这些频道使您可以轻松地共享和接收信息。These channels make it easy to share and receive information.

Kaizala 公共组类型Kaizala Public Groups Types

  • 管理员 可以接受或拒绝订阅者。Admins can accept or reject subscribers. 他们还可以在 Kaizala 上添加或删除成员以及管理设置。They can also add or remove members and manage settings on Kaizala.
  • 成员 是属于组的人员。Members are the people belonging to a group.
  • 订阅者 是发现公共组并希望成为它的一部分的人员。Subscribers are people who discovered a public group and want to be part of it. 在某些情况下,他们需要获得公用组管理员的批准。In some cases, they need the approval of the public group admin.

Kaizala 演示页面Kaizala demo page

若要查看有关配置的交互式分步演示和说明,请参阅 Kaizala 演示页面To see an interactive step-by-step demo and explanation of the configurations, see the Kaizala Demo page.

创建公用组Create a public group

  1. 在 Kaizala 管理门户的左侧导航窗格中,选择 " 公用组"。On the Kaizala management portal, from the left navigation pane, choose Public Groups.

  2. 选择 " 新建 ",然后输入群组图片和信息。Select Create new and enter a group picture and info. 单击或点击 " 创建"。Click or tap Create.


你可以将管理员和成员添加到你创建的公用组。You can add admins and members to the public groups you created.

添加订阅者Add subscribers

创建公用组之后,您可以向其添加订阅者。After you create a public group, you can add subscribers to it. 一旦添加了公用组,就会对其进行查看。Once they have been added, the public group will be made visible to them.

  1. 若要添加订阅者,请选择一个公用组,然后单击 " 添加订阅者"。To add subscribers, select a public group, and then click Add Subscribers. 仅可使用 CSV 文件添加订阅者。You can only add subscribers using a CSV file. 这使你可以轻松地批量添加它们。This makes it easy for you to add them in bulk.

  2. 在 " 添加订阅者 " 页面上,下载 CSV 模板并按照格式添加订阅者。On the Add Subscribers page, download the CSV template and follow the format to add your subscribers. 完成后保存文件。Save your file when you're done. 有关详细信息,请参阅 将多个用户同时添加到 Office 365-管理员帮助For more information, see Add several users at the same time to Office 365 - Admin Help.

  3. 选择 " 选择文件 " 以选择刚刚保存的文件,然后单击 " 添加"。Choose Select File to choose the file you just saved and then click Add.

在 Kaizala 公用组中邀请订阅者

邀请订阅者Invite subscribers

你可以发送一个唯一链接来邀请订户加入你的组。You can send a unique link to invite subscribers to your group. 如果用户打开链接,他们会将公用组作为订阅者加入。If people open the link, they’ll join the public group as subscribers.

  1. 若要邀请订阅者,请选择一个公用组,然后选择 " 生成邀请" 链接To invite subscribers, select a public group, and select Generate invite link.

  2. 复制链接并将其发送给所需的人员。Copy the link and send it to the people you want. 一旦用户单击它,他们将被添加到组中。Once they click it, they’ll be added to the group.

邀请 Kaizala 订阅者加入公用组

公共组通过 Kaizala 管理门户通过公共组管理员进行管理。Public groups are managed through the Kaizala management portal by public group admins. 组织组管理员可以管理其组织中的所有公共组。Organization group admins can manage all public groups in their organization.