Yammer 中的发现功能Discovery features in Yammer

以下发现功能在 Yammer 中可用。The following discovery features are available in Yammer.


保持在整个组织中相关的对话、filesm 和项目的最上面。Stay on top of relevant conversations, filesm and projects happening across the organization. 源可让你快速参与对话,@mention 同事将其循环加入讨论和预览文档。Feeds let you quickly engage in conversations, @mention coworkers to loop them into a discussion, and preview documents.

即时类型-提前Instant type-ahead

键入时会显示建议的搜索结果,以帮助您更快查找所需内容。Suggested search results appear as you type to help you find what you need faster. 按人员、组、文件、便笺、主题和应用程序对结果进行分类。Results are categorized by people, groups, files, notes, topics, and applications.


实时发现您的同事所做的操作。Discover what your coworkers are working on as it happens. "股票行情" 显示了实时发生的活动情景,包括页面编辑、文件上载和其他业务应用程序中所做的更新。Ticker shows you activity stories happening in real time, including page edits, file uploads, and updates made in other business applications.


通过在单词前或通过搜索现有主题添加井号(#)来帮助他人快速查找相关的邮件、文件、便笺等主题,对内容进行标记。Tag content with topics to help others quickly find related messages, files, notes, and more by adding a hashtag (#) before the word or by searching for existing topics.

全文搜索功能使您可以在 Yammer 网络和集成的业务应用程序中快速查找文件、便笺、对话、人员和数据。Full-text search lets you quickly find files, notes, conversations, people, and data across your Yammer network and integrated business apps.

功能可用性Feature availability

若要查看跨计划、独立选项和本地解决方案的功能可用性,请参阅Yammer 服务说明To view feature availability across plans, standalone options, and on-premises solutions, see Yammer service description.