Yammer 中的外部网络功能External network features in Yammer

以下外部网络功能在 Yammer 中可用。The following external network features are available in Yammer.

外部网络External networks

创建专用的联机工作区,以便与组织的 Yammer 网络外部的业务联系人进行协作。Create a dedicated online workspace to collaborate with business contacts outside of your organization's Yammer network.

快速网络切换Fast network switching

在内部网络和外部网络之间进行无缝切换。Seamlessly switch between internal and external networks. 轻松监视外部网络中的对话,并立即与组织的内部网络共享见解。Easily monitor conversations within external networks and immediately share insights with your organization's internal network.

功能可用性Feature availability

若要查看跨计划、独立选项和本地解决方案的功能可用性,请参阅Yammer 服务说明To view feature availability across plans, standalone options, and on-premises solutions, see Yammer service description.