Office Online ServerOffice Online Server

摘要: 包括帮助使用 Office Online Server(Office Web Apps Server 的下一个版本)的文章。Summary: Contains articles that will help you work with Office Online Server (the next version of Office Web Apps Server).

目标用户:IT 专业人员Audience: IT Professionals

Office 2013 徽标使用下表中的文章以了解 Office Online Server、Office Online 和 SharePoint Server。Office Online Server 是 Office Web Apps Server 的下一个版本。它是本地服务器。Use the articles in the following table to learn about Office Online Server and Office Online with SharePoint Server. Office Online Server is the next version of Office Web Apps Server. It is an on-premises server.

文章Article 说明Description
计划 Office Online ServerPlan Office Online Server
描述设置 Office Online Server 场的计划注意事项。Describes planning considerations for setting up your Office Online Server farm.
部署 Office Online ServerDeploy Office Online Server
说明如何在测试或生产环境中部署 Office Online Server。Explains how to deploy Office Online Server in a test or production environment.
配置 SharePoint Server 2016 的 Office Online ServerConfigure Office Online Server for SharePoint Server 2016
说明如何配置 SharePoint Server 以使用 Office Online Server 编辑文档。Explains how to configure SharePoint Server to use Office Online Server for document editing.
将软件更新应用到 Office Online ServerApply software updates to Office Online Server
说明如何将软件更新应用到 Office Online Server 场。Explains how to apply software updates to your Office Online Server farm.
Office 联机服务器发布计划Office Online Server release schedule
介绍了新 Office Online Server 内部版本的发布计划、支持日期和升级要求。Explains the release schedule for new Office Online Server builds, support dates, and upgrade requirements.

可以从批量许可服务中心 (VLSC) 下载 Office Online Server。由于 Office Online Server 是 Office 组件,因此将在每个 Office 产品页下显示,包括 Office 标准版 2016、Office 专业增强版 2016 和 Office 2016 for Mac 标准版。Office Online Server can be downloaded from the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC). Office Online Server is a component of Office; therefore, it will be shown under each of the Office product pages including Office Standard 2016, Office Professional Plus 2016, and Office 2016 for Mac Standard.

对于许可证符合 OOS 获取条件,但无法通过 VLSC 获得 OOS 的客户,可以执行下列操作:For customers whose licenses qualfiy for OOS, but cannot obtain it through the VLSC, the following actions are possible:

  • VL Open 客户可以联系支持中心VL Open customers can contact their Support Center.
  • 从 Microsoft 在线购买 O365 的客户可以通过 Office 365 管理中心或联系支持人员提交请求。Customers who purchased O365 online from Microsoft can submit a request from their Office 365 admin center or contact support.

Office Online Server 版本兼容性列表Office Online Server version compatibility list

下表显示了 Office Web Apps Server 和 Office Online Server 分别与 SharePoint Server、Exchange Server 和 Skype for Business Server 之间的兼容性。The following table shows the compatibility between Office Web Apps Server and Office Online Server with SharePoint Server, Exchange Server, and Skype for Business Server.

ProductProduct Office Web Apps ServerOffice Web Apps Server Office Online ServerOffice Online Server
SharePoint Server 2013SharePoint Server 2013
SharePoint Server 2016SharePoint Server 2016
SharePoint Server 2019SharePoint Server 2019
Lync Server 2013Lync Server 2013
Skype for Business Server 2015Skype for Business Server 2015
Exchange Server 2013Exchange Server 2013
Exchange Server 2016Exchange Server 2016

注意在 Office Online Server 中 SharePoint Server 2013 不能使用 Excel Online 外部数据连接和数据刷新功能。仅在 SharePoint Server 2016 中可用。*Note that SharePoint Server 2013 cannot use the Excel Online external data connectivity and data refresh functionality in Office Online Server. That's only available with SharePoint Server 2016.