适用对象:Applies to:

  • 合作伙伴中心Partner Center
  • 由世纪互联运营的合作伙伴中心Partner Center operated by 21Vianet
  • 德国 Microsoft 云合作伙伴中心Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud Germany
  • Microsoft Cloud for US Government 合作伙伴中心Partner Center for Microsoft Cloud for US Government

本部分介绍云解决方案提供商计划中的合作伙伴如何通过各种方式使用合作伙伴中心 API,以便以编程方式管理客户帐户、合作伙伴帐户、订单、订阅、支持和计费。This section describes the ways that partners in the Cloud Solution Provider program can use the Partner Center API to programmatically manage customer accounts, partner accounts, orders, subscriptions, support, and billing.

提供不同版本的合作伙伴中心,其中包含不同的功能。There are different versions of Partner Center available that include different capabilities. 并非所有方案在所有版本的合作伙伴中心均受支持。Not all scenarios are supported in all versions of Partner Center. 若要了解详细信息,请参阅 Microsoft 国家/地区云合作伙伴中心开发To learn more, see Developing for Partner Center for Microsoft National Cloud.

合作伙伴中心 SDK 支持的方案Scenarios supported by the Partner Center SDK

可以通过三种不同的方式完成以下所有方案:All of the following scenarios can be completed three different ways:

  • 合作伙伴中心仪表板中手动操作。Manually in the Partner Center dashboard.

  • 使用合作伙伴中心托管 API 以编程方式操作。Programmatically using the Partner Center managed API.

  • 使用合作伙伴中心 REST API 以编程方式操作。Programmatically using the Partner Center REST API.


检索分析Retrieve analytics

设备部署Device Deployment

配置策略Configuration policies

添加、删除、更新和检索设备配置策略。Add, delete, update and retrieve device configuration policies.


使用并上传设备批和设备元数据。Work with and upload device batches and device metadata.

管理帐户和配置文件Manage accounts and profiles

使用帐户和配置文件Work with accounts and profiles

管理账单Manage billing

计费周期Billing cycle

Azure 费率和使用率记录Azure rates and utilization records


Azure 支出预算Azure spending budget

服务成本Service costs

管理客户帐户Manage customer accounts

创建客户Create a customer

查找客户Look up a customer

管理客户订单和订阅Manage customer orders and subscriptions

管理客户帐户详细信息Manage customer account details

管理用户帐户并分配许可证Manage user accounts and assign licenses

管理订单Manage orders

购买 Azure 虚拟机预留实例Purchase Azure Reserved VM Instances

进行一次性购买Make a one-time purchase

从目录中获取套餐Get offers from the catalog

管理订单Manage an order

启用订阅以购买 Azure 虚拟机预留实例Enable a subscription for Azure Reserved VM Instance purchases

试用版转换Trial conversions

获取订阅详细信息Get subscription details

管理订阅Manage a subscription

提供支持Provide support

为客户管理服务Administer services for a customer

管理支持联系人Manage support contacts

管理服务请求Manage service requests






谁涉及订单过程?Who is involved in the order process?

Microsoft、分销商、经销商和客户。Microsoft, distributors, resellers, and customers. 分销商和经销商通常称为合作伙伴The distributors and resellers are often referred to as partners.

有时,Microsoft 直接与向客户销售的经销商合作。Sometimes, Microsoft works directly with resellers who sell to customers. 另外,Microsoft 还与分销商合作,而这些分销商则与自己的向客户销售的经销商团队或渠道合作。Alternately, Microsoft also works with distributors, and those distributors work with their own set or channel of resellers who sell to customers.

销售什么?What's getting sold?

Microsoft 提供一系列套餐Microsoft provides a list of offers. 这些套餐是特定的 SKU,其中包含 Office 365 或 Intune 之类的产品。These are specific SKUs of products like Office 365 or Intune. 套餐基于许可证(成本取决于在其上安装套餐的计算机的数目)或基于使用情况(成本取决于所使用的内存量和计算量)。Offers are either license-based (the cost depends on the number of machines they get installed on) or usage-based (the cost depends on the amount of memory and computation used). 有关详细信息,请参阅云解决方案提供商计划中的合作伙伴套餐For more information, see Partner offers in the Cloud Solution Provider program.

CSP 合作伙伴是有客户并向其销售当前套餐列表中的 Microsoft 产品的经销商。CSP partners are resellers who have customers and sell them Microsoft products from the current offer list. 客户签署其协议后,经销商会为一个或多个套餐下单After the customers sign their agreement, the reseller places an order for one or more offers. 某些套餐包括加载项(例如更多空间或额外功能),这些项与父套餐一起跟踪。Some offers include add-ons like more space or extra features, which are tracked together with the parent offer. 系统处理订单后,客户就可以使用其订阅The orders are processed, and then the customer is able to use their subscriptions. Microsoft 会根据许可证数量和每个客户的使用情况,每月向经销商或分销商收费。Microsoft bills the reseller or distributor each month based on the number of licenses and the usage for each customer.

可以添加订阅,以及增加或减少席位或加载项的数量。Subscriptions can be added, and the number of seats or add-ons can be increased or decreased. 如果客户未能付款、滥用了订阅或存在欺诈行为,则 Microsoft、分销商或经销商都可以暂停其订阅。If a customer fails to pay, misuses the subscription, or engages in fraud, then Microsoft, the distributor, or the reseller are all able to suspend the subscription. 如果未在 CSP 计划限制内重新激活该订阅,则会永久停止它。It will be permanent if it's not reactivated within the limits of the CSP program.

可以检查客户有资格使用哪些订阅(即,当前哪些订阅已付款、未暂停且未被更新的订单替换)。You can check which subscriptions a customer is entitled to use (ie, which ones are currently paid for, not suspended, and not replaced by a newer order).