注册云解决方案提供商计划Enroll in the Cloud Solution Provider program

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  • 云解决方案提供商计划Cloud Solution Provider program

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对基于云的解决方案和服务的需求在快速增长,这为各种规模的 Microsoft 合作伙伴发展有利可图的云解决方案业务提供了许多机会。The rapidly growing demand for cloud-based solutions and services provides many opportunities for Microsoft partners of all sizes to build profitable cloud solution businesses. 准备进入市场但不想必须管理多个供应商或可能未部署端到端客户关系管理基础结构的合作伙伴可以作为间接经销商注册 Microsoft 的云解决方案提供商 (CSP) 计划。Partners who are ready to enter the market, but who don't want to have to manage multiple vendors, or who may not have an end-to-end customer relationship management infrastructure in place, can enroll in Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program as indirect resellers.

若要注册云解决方案提供商计划,你首先需要一个 MPN ID。To enroll in the Cloud Solution Provider program, you first need an MPN ID. 没有订阅?Don't have one yet? 请在此处加入。Join here.

若要完成 CSP 应用程序,需要将充当合作伙伴中心的管理的员工的公司的 MPN ID、 完整的商业地址、 银行信息和工作电子邮件。To complete the CSP application, you'll need your company's MPN ID, complete business address, bank information, and the work email for the employee who will act as the admin for the Partner Center.

  1. 使用工作电子邮件 (即,Azure AD 租户凭据) 登录到合作伙伴中心。Sign in to Partner Center with your work email (i.e., your Azure AD tenant credentials).

  2. 创建合作伙伴配置文件并将关联到你的配置文件提供 MPN ID。Create your partner profile and associate your MPN ID to your profile. 我们可能需要几天时间来审查并验证你所提供的信息。It can take us several days to review and verify the information you’ve provided. 完成审查后,我们将通过电子邮件通知你。We’ll email you when we’ve completed our review.

  3. 我们已验证你的信息后,接受 Microsoft 间接经销商条款协议。After we've verified your information, accept the Microsoft indirect reseller terms agreement.


CSP 计划中的合作伙伴不能转售在线服务对 CSP 计划中的另一个合作伙伴当前。A partner in the CSP program cannot resell online services to another partner in the CSP program currently. Microsoft 将持续审核策略和所有的程序的功能。Microsoft continuously reviews the policies and capabilities of all programs. 有关功能发布或策略更改的任何消息将通过常用的通信渠道,其中包括宣布合作伙伴中心公告Any news about feature releases or policy changes will be announced through the usual communications channels, including Partner Center announcements.

注册为间接经销商Enroll as an indirect reseller

如果你要注册为间接经销商 CSP 计划,您不会购买产品直接从或直接由 Microsoft 开发票。If you're enrolling in the CSP program as an indirect reseller, you won't purchase products directly from or be invoiced directly by Microsoft. 相反,你将使用与间接提供商 (也称为分发服务器) 直接与 Microsoft 人员。Instead, you'll work with indirect providers (also known as distributors) who transact directly with Microsoft.

与间接提供商合作意味着无需拥有基础结构以转到市场或直接向 Microsoft 购买,但可以改为使用要确保您取得成功的有经验的技术提供程序。Partnering with an indirect provider means you don’t have to have the infrastructure in place to go to market or to buy directly from Microsoft, but can instead work with an experienced technology provider to help ensure your success. 在分销商的提供程序模型中,提供程序购买了云解决方案和 microsoft 服务以及依赖于你部署和服务产品。In the provider-reseller model, the provider buys cloud solutions and services from Microsoft and relies on you to deploy and service the products.

不同的间接提供商会提供不同的支持和服务,因此你应该评估你所在地区中的提供商,以确定哪些提供商最能够满足你的需求。Different indirect providers offer different support and services, so you should evaluate the providers in your area to determine which ones best meet your needs. 通常,大多数提供商将:Generally, most providers will:

  • 为你提供技术培训和援助Provide you with technical training and assistance

  • 帮助你推销你的产品和服务Help you market your products and services

  • 帮助你确定融资和信贷条款Help you establish financing and credit terms

如果你尚未与提供商(也称为分销商)合作,则可以搜索官方 Microsoft 提供商的列表以查找一个提供商。If you’re not already working with a provider (also known as a distributor), you can search the list of official Microsoft providers to find one.

有关所需参与 CSP 计划作为间接经销商的详细信息,请参阅开始作为间接经销商Microsoft 合作伙伴网络网站For more information about what’s required to participate in the CSP program as an indirect reseller, see Get started as an indirect reseller on the Microsoft Partner Network website.

作为直接帐单合作伙伴注册Enroll as a direct bill partner

作为直接帐单合作伙伴,你将拥有端到端关系,与您的客户和 Microsoft。As a direct bill partner, you own the end-to-end relationship with your customer and with Microsoft. 我们已更新自 2018 年 8 月 31 日起的直接帐单合作伙伴的注册要求。We have updated enrollment requirements for direct bill partners as of August 31, 2018. 这些新要求将帮助你利用合适的云解决方案提供商注册模式加速业务发展,并利用增值服务和支持增强客户关系。These new requirements will help you accelerate your business growth with the right CSP enrollment model and strengthen your customer relationships with value-added services and support.

最低要求Minimum requirements

MPN IDMPN ID 你所在办公地点的活动 Microsoft 合作伙伴网络 (MPN) ID。An active Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) ID for your business location.
认可Endorsement 代表组织接受和签署法律协议的授权。The authority to accept and sign legal agreements on behalf of your organization.
支持Support 向客户支持,能够提供云产品的第一个级别。The ability to provide the first level of cloud product support to your customers.
Microsoft 支持计划(合作伙伴高级支持 (ASfP) 或合作伙伴顶级支持 (PSfP)),具体取决于你的需求。A Microsoft support plan, either Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP) or Premier Support for Partners (PSfP), depending on your needs. 比较支持计划Compare support plans.
重要:必须通过购买支持计划之前执行信用检查。IMPORTANT: You must pass a credit check before purchasing a support plan. 我们将发送电子邮件时已通过信用检查。We'll email you when you've passed the credit check.
托管的服务Managed Service 至少一项托管服务、IP 服务或客户解决方案应用程序。At least one managed service, IP service, or customer solution application. 了解有关添加托管服务的更多信息。Learn more about adding managed services.
应收账款Accounts receivable 用于管理客户计费和预配的已就绪组织基础架构。The organizational infrastructure in place to manage customer billing and provisioning.

验证直接帐单资格Verify direct bill eligibility

如果尚未这样做,查看最小要求更高版本以确保可以符合它们,且然后完整云解决方案提供商调查表If you haven't already done so, review the minimum requirements above to make sure you can meet them, and then complete the Cloud Solution Provider questionnaire.

我们使用窗体中问题的回答来帮助我们确定你的资格在 CSP 计划作为直接帐单合作伙伴中进行注册。We use your answers to the questions in the form to help us determine your eligibility to enroll in the CSP program as a direct bill partner.

我们已验证你的公司符合资格要求直接帐单的合作伙伴注册和已完成的注册应用程序后,我们将检查并验证你在注册过程中提供的业务信息。After we've verified that your company meets the eligibility requirements to enroll as a direct bill partner, and you've completed the enrollment application, we'll review and verify the business information you provided in the enrollment process. 作为此评审的一部分,我们将查看公司的信用额度。As part of this review, we'll check your company's credit. 我们将通知你通过电子邮件在你的公司经过信用检查。We'll let you know by email when your company has passed the credit check.


检查公司的信用额度可能需要我们几天或更久。Checking your company's credit can take us several days or more to complete. 在此期间,很重要,不购买 Microsoft 支持计划。During this time, it's important that you NOT purchase a Microsoft support plan. 只有在我们已通知您您已通过测试信用检查后,你应购买 Microsoft 支持计划。You should purchase a Microsoft support plan only after we've informed you that you've passed the credit check.

从直接帐单过渡到间接经销商Transition from direct bill to indirect reseller

随着 CSP 计划持续改进和扩展,您可能倾向于作为而不是直接帐单合作伙伴间接经销商加入它。As the CSP program continues to evolve and grow, you might prefer to participate in it as an indirect reseller instead of a direct bill partner. 你可以过渡到合作伙伴中心中的间接经销商模型直接帐单租户。You can transition your direct bill tenant to the indirect reseller model in Partner Center.

请参阅转换从云解决方案提供商 (CSP) 直接 CSP 间接经销商的帐单合作伙伴有关直接帐单合作伙伴从过渡到间接经销商的信息。See Transition from Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) direct bill partner to CSP indirect reseller for information about transitioning from a direct bill partner to an indirect reseller.

云解决方案提供商区域市场和货币CSP regional markets and currencies

你公司的位置确定您的市场。Your company's location determines your market. 您的市场包括区域和/或可在其中销售 CSP 产品/服务的国家/地区。Your market includes the regions and/or countries where you can sell CSP offers. 请参阅云解决方案提供商程序区域市场和货币市场位置和货币。See Cloud Solution Provider program regional markets and currencies for market locations and currencies.