跨工作区使用数据集简介Intro to datasets across workspaces

商业智能是协作活动。Business intelligence is a collaborative activity. 务必建立可能是一个真实源的标准化数据集。It's important to establish standardized datasets that can be the 'one source of truth.' 然后发现和重用这些标准化数据集是关键所在。Then discovering and reusing those standardized datasets is key. 组织中的专家数据建模人员创建和共享优化的数据集时,报表创建者可以从这些数据集开始生成精确的报表。When expert data modelers in your organization create and share optimized datasets, report creators can start with those datasets to build accurate reports. 这样,你的组织就具有一致数据,可用于决策和健康的数据文化。Then your organization has consistent data for making decisions, and a healthy data culture.


在 Power BI 中,数据集创建者可以使用生成权限来控制有权访问其数据的人选。In Power BI, dataset creators can control who has access to their data by using the Build permission. 数据集创建者也可以轻松地验证或推广数据集,以便其他人能够发现 。Dataset creators can also certify or promote datasets so others can discover them. 这样一来,报表作者就知道哪些数据集是高质量的官方数据集,并且可以在 Power BI 中创作的任何位置使用这些数据集。That way, report authors know which datasets are high quality and official, and they can use those datasets wherever they author in Power BI. 管理员具有新的租户设置,可以跨工作区治理数据集的使用Admins have a new tenant setting to govern the use of datasets across workspaces.

数据集共享和新的体验工作区Dataset sharing and the new workspace experience

基于不同工作区中的数据集生成报表和将报表复制到不同工作区,这与新的体验工作区是紧密耦合的:Building reports based on datasets in different workspaces, and copying reports to different workspaces, are tightly coupled with the new workspace experience:

  • 在该服务中,打开新的工作区体验的数据集目录时,数据集目录将显示“我的工作区”和其他新的工作区体验工作区中的数据集。In the service, when you open the dataset catalog from a new workspace experience, the dataset catalog shows datasets that are in your My Workspace and in other new workspace experience workspaces.
  • 你打开经典工作区的数据集目录时,只会看到该工作区中的数据集,而不会看到其他工作区中的数据集。When you open the dataset catalog from a classic workspace, you only see the datasets in that workspace, not the ones in other workspaces.
  • 在 Power BI Desktop 中,只要报表的数据集位于新的体验工作区中,你就可以将实时连接报表发布到不同工作区。In Power BI Desktop, you can publish Live Connect reports to different workspaces, as long as their datasets are in new experience workspaces.
  • 跨工作区复制报表时,目标工作区需是新的体验工作区。When copying reports across workspaces, the target workspace needs to be a new experience workspace.

发现数据集Discover datasets

在现有数据集的基础上生成报表时,第一步是连接到 Power BI 服务或 Power BI Desktop 中的数据集。When building a report on top of an existing dataset, the first step is to connect to the dataset, either in the Power BI service or Power BI Desktop. 阅读了解发现不同工作区的数据集Read about discovering datasets from different workspaces

复制报表Copy a report

在工作区或应用中找到自己喜欢的报表时,你可以复制它,然后根据自己的需要进行修改。When you find a report you like, in a workspace or an app, you can make a copy of it, and then modify it to fit your needs. 无需担心如何创建数据模型。You don't have to worry about creating the data model. 它已为你创建。That's already created for you. 修改现有报表比从头开始创建要容易得多。And it's much easier to modify an existing report than it is to start from scratch. 详细了解复制报表Read more about copying reports.

数据集的“生成”权限Build permission for datasets

使用“生成”权限类型,如果你是数据集创建者,则可以确定组织中可以在数据集上生成新内容的人选。With Build permission type, if you're a dataset creator you can determine who in your organization can build new content on your datasets. 拥有生成权限的人员还可以通过“在 Excel 中分析”、XMLA 和“导出”在除 Power BI 之外(例如,Excel 表)的数据集上生成新内容。People with Build permission can also build new content on the dataset outside Power BI, such as Excel sheets via Analyze in Excel, XMLA, and export. 详细了解生成权限Read more about the Build permission.

推广和验证Promotion and certification

如果你创建数据集,则在创建其他人可从中受益的数据集时,可通过推广数据集使他人能够更轻松地发现该数据集。If you create datasets, when you create one that others can benefit from, you can make it easier for them to discover it by promoting your dataset. 你还可以请求组织中的专家验证你的数据集You can also request that experts in your organization certify your dataset.


基于共享数据集功能生成的特定功能和体验是根据其现有场景进行授权的。The specific features and experiences built on shared dataset capabilities are licensed according to their existing scenarios. 例如:For example:

  • 一般来说,任何人都可以发现和连接到共享数据集,此功能不仅限于 Premium。In general, discovering and connecting to shared datasets is available to anyone – it is not a feature restricted to Premium.
  • 如果数据集位于用户的个人“我的工作区”中或位于支持 Premium 的工作区中,则没有 Pro 许可证的用户只能跨工作区使用数据集进行报表创作。Users without a Pro license can only use datasets across workspaces for report authoring if those datasets reside in the users' personal My Workspace or in a Premium-backed workspace. 无论是在 Power BI Desktop 中还是在 Power BI 服务中创作报表,都适用相同的许可限制。The same licensing restriction applies whether they author reports in Power BI Desktop or in the Power BI service.
  • 在工作区之间复制报表需要 Pro 许可证。Copying reports between workspaces requires a Pro license.
  • 复制应用的报表需要 Pro 许可证,组织内容包也需要。Copying reports from an app requires a Pro license, as was required for organizational content packs.
  • 推广和验证数据集也需要 Pro 许可证。Promoting and certifying datasets requires a Pro license.

注意事项和限制Considerations and limitations

  • 应用发布者必须确保受众有权访问工作区之外的数据集。As an app publisher you have to make sure that your audience has access to datasets outside of the workspace. 否则,当用户与应用交互时,将遇到问题:不会在没有数据集访问权限的情况下打开报表,仪表板磁贴将显示为锁定。Otherwise, users will encounter issues when interacting with your app: reports won’t open without dataset access, and dashboard tiles will show as locked. 此外,如果导航中的第一项是无法访问数据集的报表,则用户将无法打开该应用。Also, users won’t be able to open the app if the first item in its navigation is a report without access to the dataset.
  • 在另一工作区中的数据集上生成报表需要两个部分的新的体验工作区:报表需要位于新的体验工作区中,数据集也需要位于新的体验工作区中。Building a report on top of a dataset in a different workspace requires the new workspace experience at both ends: The report needs to be in a new workspace experience and the dataset needs to be in a new workspace experience. 只能将新工作区体验中的报表复制到其他新工作区体验,而不能复制到经典工作区或“我的工作区”。You can only copy reports in a new workspace experience to another new workspace experience, and not to classic workspaces or to My Workspace.
  • 在经典工作区中,数据集发现体验仅显示该工作区中的数据集。In a classic workspace, the dataset discovery experience only shows the datasets in that workspace.
  • 按照设计,“发布到 Web”不适用于基于共享数据集的报表。By design, “Publish to web” doesn’t work for a report based on a shared dataset.
  • 如果有两个人是使用共享数据集的工作区的成员,则很可能仅其中一人能够在工作区中查看相关数据集。If two people are members of a workspace that is accessing a shared dataset, it's possible that only one of them can see the related dataset in the workspace. 只有对数据集至少具有读取权限的人可以查看共享数据集。Only people with at least Read access to the dataset can see the shared dataset.

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