Power BI 设计器的仪表板简介Introduction to dashboards for Power BI designers

Power BI“仪表板”是通过可视化效果讲述故事的单个页面,常被称为画布。A Power BI dashboard is a single page, often called a canvas, that tells a story through visualizations. 因为它被限制为一页,设计精良的仪表板仅包含该故事的亮点。Because it's limited to one page, a well-designed dashboard contains only the highlights of that story. 读者可查看相关报表了解详细信息。Readers can view related reports for the details.


仪表板只是 Power BI 服务的一个功能。Dashboards are a feature of the Power BI service only. Power BI Desktop 中无此功能。They're not available in Power BI Desktop. 虽然无法在移动设备上创建仪表板,但可以查看和共享仪表板。Although you can't create dashboards on mobile devices, you can view and share them there.

仪表板基础知识Dashboard basics

仪表板上的可视化效果称为“磁贴”。The visualizations you see on the dashboard are called tiles. 从报表将磁贴“固定”到仪表板。You pin tiles to a dashboard from reports. 如果你不熟悉 Power BI,可阅读 Power BI 服务中设计器的基本概念来详细了解基础知识。If you're new to Power BI, you can get a good foundation by reading Basic concepts for designers in the Power BI service.

仪表板上的可视化效果源自报表,并且每个报表基于一个数据集。The visualizations on a dashboard originate from reports and each report is based on a dataset. 对于仪表板,一种看法是它是基础报表和数据集的入口。One way to think of a dashboard is as an entryway to the underlying reports and datasets. 选择一个可视化效果即可转到其所基于的报表(和数据集)。Selecting a visualization takes you to the report (and dataset) that it's based on.


仪表板的优点Advantages of dashboards

仪表板是监控业务,以及查看所有最重要指标的绝佳方法。Dashboards are a wonderful way to monitor your business and see all of your most important metrics at a glance. 仪表板上的可视化效果可能来自一个或许多个基础数据集,也可能来自一个或多个基础报表。The visualizations on a dashboard can come from one underlying dataset or many, and from one underlying report or many. 仪表板将本地数据和云数据合并到一起,提供合并视图(无论数据源自哪里)。A dashboard combines on-premises and cloud data, providing a consolidated view regardless of where the data lives.

仪表板不仅仅是美观的图片。A dashboard isn't just a pretty picture. 它具有高度互动性,并且磁贴随着基础数据的更改而更新。It's highly interactive and the tiles update as the underlying data changes.

谁可以创建仪表板?Who can create a dashboard?

创建仪表板的能力被视为创建者功能,需要拥有报表编辑权限。The ability to create a dashboard is considered a creator feature and requires edit permissions on the report. 报表创建者及其所授予访问权限的同事拥有编辑权限。Edit permissions are available to report creators and to those colleagues the creator grants access. 例如,如果 David 在 workspace ABC 中创建了一个报表,然后将你添加为该工作区的成员,则你和 David 都将拥有编辑权限。For example, if David creates a report in workspace ABC and adds you as a member of that workspace, you and David both have edit permissions. 另一方面,如果报表已与你直接共享或作为 Power BI 应用的一部分(你正在使用该报表),On the other hand, if a report has been shared with you directly or as part of a Power BI app, you're consuming the report. 则可能无法将磁贴固定到仪表板。You may not be able to pin tiles to a dashboard.


需要 Power BI Pro 许可证方可在工作区中创建仪表板。You need a Power BI Pro license to create dashboards in workspaces. 可以在你自己的“我的工作区”中创建仪表板,而无需 Power BI Pro 许可证。You can create dashboards in your own My Workspace without a Power BI Pro license.

仪表板与报表Dashboards versus reports

报表与仪表板类似,这是因为二者都是填充可视化效果的画布。Reports and dashboards seem similar because they're both canvases filled with visualizations. 但有一些主要区别,如下表所示。But there are major differences, as you can see in the following table.

功能Capability 仪表板Dashboards 报表Reports
页数Pages 一个页面One page 一个或多个页面One or more pages
数据源Data sources 每个仪表板的一个或多个报表和一个或多个数据集One or more reports and one or more datasets per dashboard 每个报表的单个数据集A single dataset per report
可用于 Power BI DesktopAvailable in Power BI Desktop No 是。Yes. 可在 Power BI Desktop 中生成和查看报表Can build and view reports in Power BI Desktop
订阅Subscribe 是。Yes. 可订阅仪表板Can subscribe to a dashboard 是。Yes. 可订阅报表页面Can subscribe to a report page
筛选Filtering 否。No. 无法对仪表板进行筛选或切片。Can't filter or slice a dashboard. 可筛选焦点模式下的仪表板磁贴,但无法保存筛选器。Can filter a dashboard tile in focus mode, but can't save the filter. 是。Yes. 许多不同的方式来筛选、突出显示和切片Many different ways to filter, highlight, and slice
特别推荐Featured 是。Yes. 可将一个仪表板设置为精选仪表板Can set one dashboard as your featured dashboard No
收藏夹Favorite 是。Yes. 可将多个仪表板设置为“收藏夹”Can set multiple dashboards as favorites 是。Yes. 可将多个报表设置为“收藏夹”Can set multiple reports as favorites
设置警报Set alerts 是。Yes. 可在某些情况下用于仪表板磁贴Available for dashboard tiles in certain circumstances No
自然语言查询(“问答”)Natural language queries (Q&A) Yes 是,前提是你有权编辑报表及基础数据集Yes, provided you have edit permissions for the report and underlying dataset
可以看到基础数据集表和字段Can see underlying dataset tables and fields 否。No. 可以导出数据,但看不到仪表板本身的表和字段Can export data but can't see tables and fields in the dashboard itself Yes

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