创建针对 Power BI 手机应用的优化报表Create reports optimized for the Power BI phone apps

在 Power BI Desktop 中创建报表时,通过创建专用于手机的报表版本,可以改善在手机的移动应用中使用此报表的体验。When you create a report in Power BI Desktop, you can improve the experience of using it in the mobile apps on phones by creating a version of the report specifically for the phone. 通过重新排列和调整视觉对象(或许不包括所有视觉对象)可以为手机调整报表,以便获得最佳体验。You adapt your report for the phone by rearranging and resizing visuals, maybe not including all of them, for an optimal experience. 此外,还可以创建响应式视觉对象响应式切片器,它们可以流畅地重设大小,以供在手机上显示。Plus you can create responsive visuals and responsive slicers that resize well for viewing on a phone. 另外,如果向报表添加筛选器,这些筛选器会自动显示在手机报表中。Also, if you add filters to your report, those filters show up automatically in the phone report. 报表阅读者可以查看它们,并使用这些筛选器筛选报表。Your report readers can see them and filter the report with them.


在 Power BI Desktop 中为手机设计报表页布局Lay out a report page for the phone in Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop 中创建报表后,可以针对手机对其进行优化。After you create a report in Power BI Desktop, you can optimize it for phones.

  1. 在 Power BI Desktop 中,选择左侧导航栏中的“报表视图”。In Power BI Desktop, select Report View in the left navigation bar.


  2. 在“视图”选项卡上,选择“手机布局”。On the View tab, select Phone Layout.


    你会看到空白手机画布。You see a blank phone canvas. 原始报表页上的所有视觉对象将列在右侧的“可视化效果”窗格中。All of the visuals on the original report page are listed in the Visualizations pane on the right.

  3. 要将视觉对象添加到手机布局中,请将它从“可视化效果”窗格拖动到手机画布中。To add a visual to the phone layout, drag it from the Visualizations pane to the phone canvas.

    手机报表使用网格布局。Phone reports use a grid layout. 在将视觉对象拖动到移动画布时,它们将与该网格对齐。As you drag visuals to the mobile canvas, they snap to that grid.


    可以将部分或全部主报表页面视觉对象添加到手机报表页。You can add some or all the master report page visuals to the phone report page. 每个视觉对象仅可添加一次。You can add each visual only once.

  4. 就像调整仪表板和移动仪表板上的磁贴一样,你也可以在网格上调整视觉对象大小。You can resize your visuals on the grid, as you would for tiles on dashboards and mobile dashboards.


    手机报表网格可在不同型号的手机间缩放,因此,报表在小屏幕和大屏幕手机上的效果都很好。The phone report grid scales across phones of different sizes, so your report will look as good on small- and on large-screen phones.


将视觉对象优化为适应任意大小Optimize a visual for any size

可以将仪表板或报表中的视觉对象设置为响应式,即动态缩放,尽可能显示最多的数据和见解,无论屏幕大小如何。You can set the visuals in your dashboard or report to be responsive, to change dynamically to display the maximum amount of data and insight, no matter the screen size.

在视觉对象缩放时,Power BI 会优先确保显示数据视图。例如,自动删除填充,并将图例移至视觉对象顶部,这样即便视觉对象变小,也仍可提供信息。As a visual changes size, Power BI prioritizes the data view, for example removing padding and moving the legend to the top of the visual automatically, so the visual remains informative even as it gets smaller.


用户可自行选择是否为每个视觉对象启用响应式设置。You choose whether to turn on responsiveness for each visual. 详细了解如何优化视觉对象Read more about optimizing visuals.

创建手机报表布局时的注意事项Considerations when creating phone report layouts

  • 对于多页报表,可以优化全部或部分页面。For reports with multiple pages, you can optimize all the pages or only a few.
  • 如果已定义报表页的背景色,则手机报表将具有相同的背景色。If you've defined a background color for a report page, the phone report will have the same background color.
  • 无法为特定手机修改格式设置。You can’t modify formatting settings for just the phone. 主布局和移动布局之间的格式一致。Formatting is consistent between master and mobile layouts. 例如,字体大小是相同的。For example, font sizes will be the same.
  • 要更改视觉对象(例如更改其格式、数据集、筛选器或任何其他属性),请返回到常规报表创作模式。To change a visual, such as changing its formatting, dataset, filters, or any other attribute, return to the regular report authoring mode.
  • Power BI 在移动应用中提供手机报表的默认标题和页面名称。Power BI provides default titles and page names for phone reports in the mobile app. 如果你已在报表中创建了标题和页面名称的文本视觉对象,请考虑不将它们添加到手机报表中。If you’ve created text visuals for titles and page names in your report, consider not adding them to your phone reports.

从手机布局中删除视觉对象Remove a visual from the phone layout

  • 要删除视觉对象,请单击手机画布上的视觉对象右上角的 X,或将其选中,然后按“删除”。To remove a visual, click the X in the top-right of the visual on the phone canvas, or select it and press Delete.

    在这一部分,删除视觉对象只将其从手机布局画布中删除。Removing the visual here only removes it from the phone layout canvas. 视觉对象和原始报表不受影响。The visual and the original report aren't affected.


增强切片器功能,使其在手机报表中正常运行Enhance slicers to to work well in phone reports

切片器提供在画布上筛选报表数据的功能。Slicers offer on-canvas filtering of report data. 在常规报表创作模式下设计切片器时,可以修改某些切片器设置以使其在手机报表中更易于使用:When designing slicers in the regular report authoring mode, you can modify some slicer settings to make them more usable in phone reports:

  • 确定报表读取器仅可以选择一个还是可以选择多个项。Decide if report readers can select only one or more than one item.
  • 在切片器周围放置一个框,以使报表更易于扫描。Put a box around the slicer to make the report easier to scan.
  • 使切片器呈垂直、水平或响应式。Make the slicer vertical, horizontal, or responsive.

如果将切片器设置为响应式,则在改变它大小和形状时,它显示更多或更少的选项。If you make the slicer responsive, as you change its size and shape it shows more or fewer options. 它可以是调高、调短、调宽或调窄。It can be tall, short, wide, or narrow. 如果将其调整得足够小,它将变为报表页上的一个筛选器图标。If you make it small enough, it becomes just a filter icon on the report page.

Power BI 响应式切片器

详细了解有关创建响应式切片器的信息。Read more about creating responsive slicers.

发布手机报表Publish a phone report

在手机上查看优化和未优化的报表View optimized and unoptimized reports on a phone

在手机上的移动应用中,Power BI 将自动检测优化和未优化手机报表。In the mobile apps on phones, Power BI automatically detects optimized and unoptimized phone reports. 如果存在优化的手机报表,Power BI 手机应用将自动在手机报表模式下打开报表。If a phone-optimized report exists, the Power BI phone app automatically opens the report in phone report mode.

如果没有更适合在手机上显示的报表,报表会以未优化的横向视图打开。If a phone-optimized report doesn’t exist, the report opens in the unoptimized, landscape view.

对于手机报表,将手机屏幕方向更改为横向后,无论报表优化与否,都会在包含原始报表布局的未优化视图中打开报表。When in a phone report, changing the phone’s orientation to landscape will open the report in the unoptimized view with the original report layout, whether the report is optimized or not.

如果只优化了某些页,读取器将看到纵向视图中的消息,指示该报表可提供横向视图。If you only optimize some pages, readers will see a message in portrait view, indicating the report is available in landscape.


报表读取器可使手机转向一侧,以查看横向模式页。Report readers can turn their phones sideways to see the page in landscape mode. 详细了解如何与更适合在手机上显示的 Power BI 报表进行交互Read more about interacting with Power BI reports optimized for your phone.

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