Power BI 中的模板内容包体验Template content pack experiences in Power BI

本节重点介绍了连接到 ISV 内容包的用户典型体验。This section highlights a typical experience for a user connecting to an ISV content pack.

通过连接到已发布的内容包,尝试连接体验,地址是 https://app.powerbi.com/getdata/services(例如以下所述的 GitHub 内容包)。Try the connection experience yourself by connecting to a released content pack at https://app.powerbi.com/getdata/services (such as the GitHub content pack described below).


若要开始,用户需浏览内容包库并选择要连接的内容包。To get started, a user browses the content pack gallery and selects a content pack to connect to. 内容包条目提供名称、图标以及为用户提供详细信息的描述性文本。The content pack entry provides a name, an icon and a descriptive text providing more information to the user.




选择后,将提示用户提供参数(如果需要)。Once selected, the user will be prompted to provide parameters (if requried). 内容包创建过程中作者以声明的方式提供参数对话框。The parameters dialog is provided declaratively by the author during the creation of the content pack.

当前的参数 UI 是非常基本的 – 没有枚举下拉列表的方法且数据输入验证限制为正则表达式。Currently the parameters UI is very basic – there is no way to enumerate drop down lists and data input validation is constrained to regex.



提供参数后,将提示用户登录。After parameters, the user will be prompted to login. 如果源支持多个类型的身份验证,用户应选择相应的选项。If the source supports multiple types of authentication, the user will choose the appropriate option. 如果源需要 OAuth,那么当用户按“登录”后,将弹出该服务的登录 UI。If the source requires OAuth, then the service’s login UI will pop up when the user presses Sign In. 否则,用户可以在提供的对话框中输入其凭据。Otherwise, the user can enter their credentials in the provided dialog.




登录成功后,内容包中的项目(模型、报表和仪表板)会显示在导航栏中。When login succeeds, the artifacts included in the content pack - model, reports, and dashboard - appear in the navigation bar. 这些项目将添加到每个用户的帐户中。These artifacts are added to each users’ account. 数据以异步方式加载来填充数据集(模型)。The data load asynchronously to populate the dataset (model). 然后,用户就能够使用仪表板、报表和模型。The user is then able to consume the dashboard, reports, and model.

默认情况下,会为用户配置每日刷新计划,这将重新评估模型中的查询。By default a daily refresh schedule is configured for the user, which will re-evaluate the queries in the model. 提供给用户的凭据必须允许他们可不在场刷新数据。The credentials provided to the user must allow them to refresh the data without being present.


浏览和监视Exploration and Monitoring

内容包被包含到用户帐户后,用户就可以搜索和监视数据/见解。Once the content pack is hydrated into the users’ account, they can explore and monitor the data/insights.

这通常包括:Typically this includes:

  • 查看并自定义仪表板。Viewing and customizing the dashboard.
  • 查看并自定义报表。Viewing and customizing the report.
  • 使用自然语言提出有关数据的问题Using natural language to ask questions of the data
  • 使用浏览画布浏览数据模型中的数据Using the exploration canvas to explore the data in the data model

应考虑提供自然语言建模(同义词)和易于理解的模型架构,以实现更好的浏览体验。Consideration should be made for providing natural language modelling (synonyms) and understandable model schema to enable better exploration experiences.