Power BI 报表服务器用户手册概述User handbook overview for Power BI Report Server

欢迎阅读 Power BI 报表服务器的用户手册。Power BI 报表服务器是用于存储和管理 Power BI 报表、移动报表和分页报表的本地位置。Welcome to the user handbook for Power BI Report Server, an on-premises location for storing and managing your Power BI, mobile, and paginated reports.

Power BI 报表服务器还提供一系列相互配合的产品和体验,让你的数据变得更加生动有趣:Power BI Report Server is also a set of products and experiences that work together to bring your data to life:

  • 可以在任意新式浏览器中查看的 Web 门户A web portal you can view in any modern browser. 在 Web 门户中,可以将报表和 KPI 整理到文件夹中,并将它们标记为收藏项。In the web portal, reports and KPIs are organized and displayed in folders, and you can mark them as favorites. 此外,还可以在门户上存储 Excel 工作簿。You can also store Excel workbooks there.
  • 使用 Power BI Desktop 创建的 Power BI 报表,可以在 Web 门户或 Power BI 移动应用中查看此类报表。Power BI reports created with Power BI Desktop, which you view within the web portal or in the Power BI mobile apps.
  • 分页报表,从而可以使用专门用于创建分页报表的工具,创建更适合打印的布局固定的新式文档。Paginated reports, modern-looking, fixed-layout documents optimized for printing, with tools for creating them.

有关各个产品的详细信息,请继续阅读下文。Read on for more about each.

Web 门户Web portal

Power BI 报表服务器的用户界面是可以在任意新式浏览器中查看的新式 Web 门户。The front door of Power BI Report Server is a modern web portal you can view in any modern browser. 可以在新门户中访问所有报表和 KPI。You can access all your reports and KPIs in the new portal.

可以向 Web 门户应用组织的自定义品牌,并直接在 Web 门户中显示 KPI。The web portal may feature your organization's custom branding and display KPIs right in the web portal. 借助 KPI,可以在浏览器中一目了然地了解关键业务指标,而无需打开报表。KPIs can surface key business metrics at a glance in the browser, so you don't have to open a report.

Web 门户上的内容被整理到文件夹中,在每个文件夹中,内容按以下类型进行分类:Power BI 报表、移动报表、分页报表和 KPI 以及 Excel 工作簿。The content on the web portal is organized into folders, and within each folder, it's organized by type: Power BI reports, mobile reports, paginated reports, and KPIs, plus Excel workbooks. 可以将报表和 KPI 标记为收藏项。You can tag your favorite reports and KPIs. 它们全都会被收集到“收藏夹”文件夹中,方便你快速找到。They're all collected in the Favorites folder so you can find them fast.

Power BI 报表Power BI reports

Power BI 报表是对数据集的多角度审视,使用可视化效果来表示数据集呈现的各种见解和数据分析。A Power BI report is a multi-perspective view into a dataset, with visualizations that represent different findings and insights from that dataset. 报表可包含单个可视化效果,也可包含充满可视化效果的多个页面。A report can have a single visualization or pages full of visualizations. 你可能是报表创建者和/或报表查看者和交互者,具体视你的角色而定。Depending on your role, you may be someone who creates reports and/or you may be someone who views and interacts with reports.

报表以单个数据集为基础。Reports are based on a single dataset. 报表中的可视化效果分别表示信息的一个功能。The visualizations in a report each represent a nugget of information. 此外,可视化效果并不是静态的:虽然与仪表板类似,但报表更具交互性和可自定义性,并且可视化效果会随基础数据变化而进行更新。And the visualizations aren't static: Like a dashboard but more so, a report is interactive and customizable, and the visualizations update as the underlying data changes.

  • 如果是报表创建者,可以添加和删除数据、添加或重新排列可视化效果,也可以更改可视化效果类型。If you're a report creator you can add and remove data, add or rearrange visualizations, or change visualization types.
  • 如果是报表查看者,可以在深入研究数据的过程中进行排序,并应用筛选器和切片器,从而获取见解和答案。If you're a report viewer, you can sort and apply filters and slicers as you dig into the data to discover insights and look for answers.

可以使用特殊版本的 Power BI Desktop 创建 Power BI 报表。You create Power BI reports with a special edition of Power BI Desktop. 下载 Microsoft Power BI Desktop(针对 2017 年 10 月 GA 版本 Power BI 报表服务器进行了优化)。Download Microsoft Power BI Desktop (Optimized for Power BI Report Server - October 2017 GA).

分页报表Paginated reports

分页报表是文档样式报表,即数据越多,表中的行就越多,报表的页数也就越多。Paginated reports are document-style reports, in which the more data you have, the more rows in the tables, and the more pages the report has. 这非常适合生成更适合打印的布局固定且像素效果完美的文档,如 PDF 和 Word 文件。They make great fixed-layout, pixel-perfect documents optimized for printing, such as PDF and Word files.

可以使用 SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) 中的报表生成器或报表设计器来创建分页报表。You create these paginated reports with Report Builder or Report Designer in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT).

后续步骤Next steps

安装更适合 Power BI 报表服务器的 Power BI DesktopInstall Power BI Desktop optimized for Power BI Report Server
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