Azure 和 Power BIAzure and Power BI

借助“Azure”服务和“Power BI”,你可以将数据处理工作转换为可以提供实时业务策略的分析和报告。With Azure services and Power BI, you can turn your data processing efforts into analytics and reports that provide real-time insights into your business. 无论你处理的数据基于云还是位于本地、简单还是复杂、采用单一来源还是大量混合来源、封存还是实时的,Azure 和 Power BI 提供的内置连接和集成都可以使你的商业智能努力成为现实。Whether your data processing is cloud-based or on-premises, straightforward or complex, single-sourced or massively scaled, warehoused or real-time, Azure and Power BI have the built-in connectivity and integration to bring your business intelligence efforts to life.

Power BI 拥有多种 Azure 连接可用,而且使用这些服务创建的商业智能解决方案与你的业务一样与众不同。Power BI has a multitude of Azure connections available, and the business intelligence solutions you can create with those services are as unique as your business. 你可以连接至少一个 Azure 数据源,也可连接多个,然后对数据进行调整和优化以创建自定义报表。You can connect as few as one Azure data source, or a handful, then shape and refine your data to build customized reports.

Azure SQL 数据库 和 Power BIAzure SQL Database and Power BI

你可以从简单的到 Azure SQL 数据库的连接开始,然后创建报表来监视业务进度。You can start with a straightforward connection to an Azure SQL Database, and create reports to monitor the progress of your business. 借助 Power BI Desktop,你可以创建报表来确定趋势和关键绩效指标,进而促进业务发展。Using the Power BI Desktop, you can create reports that identify trends and key performance indicators that move your business forward.

了解有关 Azure SQL 数据库的详细信息。There's plenty more information for you to learn about Azure SQL Database.

转换、调整和合并云数据Transform, shape, and merge your cloud data

是否有更为复杂的数据,且来自各种源?Do you have more complex data, and all sorts of sources? 没问题。No problem. 借助 Power BI Desktop 和 Azure 服务,只需点击一下“获取数据”对话框即可实现连接。With Power BI Desktop and Azure services, connections are just a tap of the Get Data dialog away. 在相同的查询中,你可以连接到“Azure SQL 数据库”、“Azure HDInsight”数据源和“Azure Blob 存储”(或“Azure 表存储”,然后只选择每个源中你需要的子集,并在其中进行优化。Within the same Query you can connect to your Azure SQL Database, your Azure HDInsight data source, and your Azure Blob Storage (or Azure Table Storage), then select only the subsets within each that you need, and refine it from there.

你也可以使用相同的数据连接甚至相同的查询为不同受众创建不一样的报表。You can create different reports for different audiences too, using the same data connections and even the same Query. 只需生成新的报表页、针对每个受众优化可视化组件,然后就可以目睹报表对业务信息的持续反馈。Just build a new report page, refine your visualizations for each audience, and watch it keep the business in the know.

有关详细信息,请参阅以下资源:For more information, take a look at the following resources:

借助 Azure 服务和 Power BI 深入并领先行业。Get complex (and ahead) using Azure Services and Power BI

你可以根据需要拓展 Azure 和 Power BI 的功能。You can expand as much as you need with Azure and Power BI. 使用多源数据处理、利用大量的实时系统,借助流分析事件中心,将各种 SaaS 服务合并到商业智能报表以增加你的业务优势。Harness multi-source data processing, make use of massive real-time systems, use Stream Analyticsand Event Hubs, and coalesce your varied SaaS services into business intelligence reports that give your business an edge.

使用 Power BI API 连接应用程序数据Connect your app data using Power BI APIs

你还可以在现有的应用程序中使用 Power BI 来获取策略。You can use Power BI to gain insight on your existing apps, too. 借助 Power BI API,应用程序开发人员可以将全部数据集以编程的方式发送到 Power BI。With the Power BI API, application developers can send entire data sets to Power BI programmatically. 需要持续更新?Need continuous updates? 借助 Power BI API,开发人员可以发送实时数据更新以快速启动,然后根据规模需求,转为使用 Azure 流分析。With the Power BI APIs, developers can send real-time data updates to get started quickly, and then grow into using Azure Stream Analytics when scale requirements merit doing so.

Power BI 开发人员门户中查看 Power BI API 的详细信息。There's lots of information about Power BI APIs in the Power BI Developer Portal. 你还可以通过 Power BI 开发人员博客了解其他人利用 Power BI 以编程方式进行的操作。You can also learn about what others are doing programmatically with Power BI in the Power BI developer blog. 还有一个网页专门致力于帮助你实现 Power BI 研发快速入门There's also a page dedicated to getting you started with Power BI development.

Azure 和 Power BI 可以用来做什么?What could you do with Azure and Power BI?

AzurePower BI 可以在各种场景下组合,其可能性和机遇与你的业务一样独一无二。There are all sorts of scenarios where Azure and Power BI can be combined - the possibilities and opportunities are as unique as your business. 有关“Azure 服务”的详细信息,请查看此概览页,其中会介绍使用 Azure 的数据分析场景,并可以了解如何将数据源转换为推动业务的信息。For more information about Azure services, check out this overview page, which describes Data Analytics Scenarios using Azure, and learn how to transform your data sources into intelligence that drives your business ahead.