编辑或删除仪表板磁贴Edit or remove a dashboard tile

仪表板所有者与仪表板使用者Dashboard owners versus dashboard consumers

如果是仪表板的创建者或所有者,可以通过许多方法,更改相应仪表板上磁贴的外观和默认行为。When you create or own a dashboard, you have many options for changing the look and default behavior of the tiles on that dashboard. 下面的设置和策略可用于为同事设计仪表板使用体验。Use the settings and strategies below to design the dashboard consuming experience for your colleagues. 选择磁贴后打开的是基础报表、自定义 URL 还是其他仪表板?Will selecting a tile open the underlying report, a custom URL, or a different dashboard? 也许会添加显示视频或流数据的磁贴Maybe you'll add a tile that displays a video or streaming data? 甚至希望创建包含交互式切片器的磁贴And you might even want to create a tile that has interactive slicers. 作为创建者,可以通过很多方式进行编辑。As a creator you have many options.

本文涵盖以下方面。This article covers the following.

新建并将可视化效果固定到仪表板Create a new visualization and pin it to the dashboard

  1. 在“IT 支出分析”仪表板中,选择“金额”磁贴,以打开报表。From the IT Spend Analysis dashboard, select the "Amount" tile to open the report.

  2. 选择顶部菜单栏中的“编辑报表”,在编辑视图中打开报表。Open the report in Editing view by selecting Edit report from the top menubar.

  3. 选择报表底部的加号 (+),添加新报表页。Add a new report page by selecting the plus sign (+) at the bottom of the report.

  4. 在“字段”窗格中,依次选择“事实”>“金额”,再依次选择“业务领域”>“业务领域”。From the FIELDS pane, select Fact > Amount and Business Area > Business Area.

  5. 在“可视化效果”窗格中,选择“环形图”图标,将可视化效果转换为环形图。From the VISUALIZATIONS pane, select the Donut chart icon to convert the visualization to a Donut chart.

  6. 选择“固定”图标,并将环形图固定到“IT 支出分析示例”仪表板。Select the pin icon and pin the Donut chart to the IT Spend Analysis sample dashboard.

  7. 看到“成功”消息时,选择“转至仪表板”。When the "Success"message appears, select Go to dashboard. 此时,系统会提示保存更改。You will be prompted to save your changes. 选择保存Select Save.

移动磁贴Move the tile

在仪表板中,找到新磁贴。On the dashboard, locate the new tile. 选择并按住磁贴,将其拖动到仪表板画布上的一个新位置。Select and hold the tile to drag it to a new location on the dashboard canvas.

重设磁贴大小Resize the tile

可将磁贴设置为多种大小 - 从 1x1 到 5x5 的磁贴单位均可。You can make tiles many different sizes -- from 1x1 tile units up to 5x5. 选择并拖动右下角的图柄,重设磁贴大小。Select and drag the handle (in the bottom right corner) to resize the tile.

省略号 (...) 菜单The ellipses (...) menu

  1. 选择磁贴右上角的省略号 (...)。Select the ellipses (...) in the upper-right corner of the tile.

  2. 将鼠标悬停在“帐户”磁贴之上,再选择省略号调出选项。Hover over the "Account" tile and select the ellipses to display the options. 可用选项因磁贴类型而异。The options available will vary by tile type. 例如,动态磁贴的可用选项不同于标准可视化效果磁贴的可用选项。For example, the options available for a live tile are different from options available for a standard visualization tile. 此外,如果仪表板是与自己共享的(即不是所有者),可用选项就更少了。Also, if a dashboard has been shared with you (you are not the owner), you will have fewer options.

  3. 选择“编辑详细信息”,打开“磁贴详细信息”窗口。Select Edit details to open the "Tile details" window.

    更改磁贴的标题和默认行为。Change the title and default behavior of the tile. 例如,可以决定在使用者选择磁贴后,改为显示新仪表板,而不是打开用于创建此磁贴的报表。For example, you may decide that when a consumer selects a tile, instead of opening the report that was used to create that tile, a new dashboard displays instead.

重命名磁贴Rename the tile

在“磁贴详细信息”窗口顶部,将“标题”更改为“支出金额”。At the top of the "Tile details" window, change Title to Amount spent.

默认情况下,选择磁贴后通常会转到用于创建此磁贴的报表,或转到 Power BI 问答(如果磁贴是在 Power BI 问答中创建的话)。By default, selecting a tile usually takes you to the report where the tile was created or to Q&A (if the tile was created in Q&A). 若要链接到网页、其他仪表板或报表(位于同一工作区中)、SSRS 报表或其他在线内容,请添加自定义链接。To link to a webpage, another dashboard or report (in the same workspace), an SSRS report, or other online content - add a custom link.

  1. 在“功能”标题下,选中“设置自定义链接”。Under the Functionality heading, select Set custom link.

  2. 选中“链接到当前工作区中的仪表板或报表”,再从下拉列表中选择一个仪表板或报表。Select Link to a dashboard or report in the current workspace and then select from the dropdown. 在此示例中,我选择了“人力资源示例”仪表板。In this example I've selected the Human Resources sample dashboard. 如果工作区中还没有此示例,可以先添加它,再返回到这一步;也可以选择其他仪表板。If you don't have this sample already in your workspace, you can add it and come back to this step, or you can select a different dashboard.

  3. 选择应用Select Apply.

  4. 此时,磁贴上显示新标题。The new title displays on the tile. 此外,如果选择磁贴,Power BI 会打开“人力资源”仪表板。And, when you select the tile, Power BI opens the Human Resources dashboard.

将磁贴固定到其他仪表板Pin the tile to a different dashboard

  1. 在省略号下拉菜单中,选择“固定磁贴”From the ellipses dropdown menu, select Pin tile .
  2. 确定是将此磁贴的副本固定到现有仪表板,还是固定到新仪表板。Decide whether to pin a duplicate of this tile to an existing dashboard or to a new dashboard.

  3. 选择“固定”。Select Pin.

删除磁贴Delete the tile

  1. 若要从仪表板中永久删除磁贴,请选择省略号下拉菜单中的“删除磁贴”To permanently remove a tile from a dashboard, select Delete tile from the ellipses dropdown menu.

  2. 删除磁贴不会删除基础可视化效果。Deleting a tile does not delete the underlying visualization. 选择“金额”磁贴,打开基础报表。Open the underlying report by selecting the "Amount" tile. 打开报表中的最后一页,可以看到原始可视化效果尚未从报表中删除。Open the last page in your report to see that the original visualization has not been deleted from the report.

后续步骤Next steps

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