Power BI 服务中的特色仪表板Featured dashboards in Power BI service

许多人都有一个访问次数最多的仪表板。Many of us have one dashboard that we visit more than any others. 它可能是用于经营业务的仪表板,或者也可能是包含聚合了来自许多仪表板和报表的磁贴的仪表板。It might be the dashboard we use to run our business, or it might be a dashboard that contains an aggregation of tiles from many different dashboards and reports.

在选择一个仪表板作为精选仪表板后,每次打开 Power BI 服务时,将同时显示该仪表板。When you select a dashboard as featured, each time you open Power BI service, it will open with that dashboard displayed.

也可以选择几个仪表板,并将它们设置为收藏项。You can also select a few dashboards and set them as favorites. 请参阅仪表板收藏See Dashboard favorites.


本主题适用于 Power BI 服务,不适用于 Power BI Desktop。This topic applies to Power BI service, and not to Power BI Desktop.

如果尚未设置精选仪表板,Power BI 会打开最近使用的仪表板。If you haven't yet set a featured dashboard, Power BI will open to the last dashboard you used.

观看 Amanda 创建特色仪表板,然后按照视频下面的说明自己进行尝试。Watch Amanda create a featured dashboard and then follow the instructions below the video to try it out yourself.

  1. 打开想要设置为“精选”的仪表板。Open the dashboard that you'd like to set as Featured.
  2. 在顶部导航栏中,将看到“设置为特色项”或仅“特色” 图标。In the top navbar, you'll either see Set as featured or just the featured icon. 选择其中一个。Select either one.

  3. 确认选择。Confirm your selection.

当然,如果你以后改变主意,则可以将新的仪表板设置为精选仪表板。Of course, if you change your mind later you can set a new dashboard as the featured dashboard.

  1. 按照上述步骤 1 和 2 执行操作。Follow steps 1 and 2 from above.

  2. 选择“设置为精选”。Select Set as featured. 取消某个仪表板的“特色”并不会将它从工作区中删除。Un-featuring a dashboard does not remove it from your workspace.

如果你决定不将任何仪表板指定作为精选仪表板,下面介绍了如何取消设置为精选的仪表板。If you decide that you don't want any dashboard to be designated as featured, here's how to un-feature a dashboard.

  1. 打开最近设置为精选的仪表板。Open the currently-featured dashboard.
  2. 在顶部菜单栏中,选择“禁用精选”。In the top menubar, select Disable featured.

现在,Power BI 中会打开上次使用的仪表板。Now Power BI will open to the last dashboard you used.

后续步骤Next steps

收藏仪表板Favorite a dashboard

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