Power BI 免费版与 Power BI ProPower BI Free vs Pro

Power BI 中的每个用户都是免费版用户或 Power BI Pro 用户。Every user within Power BI is either Free or Pro. 了解这两种用户类型之间的区别是非常有帮助的。It is helpful to understand the differences between these two types of users.

服务中的所有用户不是免费用户就是 Pro 用户。All users in the service are either Free or Pro. 免费版用户或 Power BI Pro 用户之间的主要区别集中在共享和协作方面。The main difference between a Free or Pro user is centered around sharing and collaboration. 只有 Power BI Pro 用户可以将内容发布到应用工作区,无需高级容量即可使用应用,共享仪表板并订阅仪表板及报表。Only Pro users can publish content to app workspaces, consume apps without Premium capacity, share dashboards and subscribe to dashboards and reports. 免费用户现在可以通过所有像 DirectQuery、实时连接这样的连接选项或者数据网关的使用连接到所有数据源。Free users can now connect to all data sources through all connectivity options such as DirectQuery, live connection and the use of the data gateway.

对于已发布的应用,如果已向其针对的应用工作区分配高级容量,则免费版用户也可以使用这些应用。If an app is published, and the app workspace it is for is assigned to Premium capacity, Free users can consume those apps.

免费版与 Power BI Pro 比较Free vs Pro comparison

下表列出了用户类型支持的功能。Here is a list of features supported by user type.

免费Free Power BI ProPro
连接到 70 多个数据源Connect to 70+ data sources
发布到 WebPublish to Web
对等共享Peer-to-peer sharing
导出到 PowerPoint、Excel 和 CSVExport to PowerPoint, Excel, CSV
企业分发Enterprise distribution
电子邮件订阅Email subscriptions
嵌入 API 和控件Embed APIs and controls
应用工作区App workspaces
在 Excel 和 Power BI Desktop 中分析Analyze in Excel, analyze in Power BI Desktop

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