Power BI 中的全屏幕模式Full screen mode in Power BI

什么是全屏模式?What is full screen mode?


显示内容(仪表板、报表页、磁贴和可视化效果),而不受菜单和导航栏的干扰。Display your content (dashboards, report pages, tiles, and visualizations) without the distraction of menus and navigation bars. 可以随时快速获取内容的纯粹而完整的视图。You get an unadulterated, full view of your content at a glance, all the time. 有时这也称为电视模式。This is sometimes referred to as TV Mode. 在全屏幕模式下可用的功能会因内容而异。The functionality available in full screen mode varies by content.

全屏模式的一些用途包括:Some uses for full screen mode are:

  • 在会议上展示你的仪表板、磁贴、视觉对象或报告presenting your dashboard, tile, visual, or report at a meeting or conference
  • 在办公室通过专用大屏幕或投影仪显示displaying in an office on a dedicated large screen or projector
  • 在小屏幕上查看viewing on a small screen
  • 在锁定模式下查看 -- 你可以触摸屏幕或将鼠标悬停在磁贴上,而不打开基础报表或仪表板reviewing in locked mode -- you can touch the screen or mouse over tiles without opening the underlying report or dashboard

注意:全屏模式不同于焦点(弹出)模式NOTE: Full screen mode is different from Focus (pop out) mode.

观看 Amanda 在全屏模式下打开并导航她的仪表板,然后应用一些 URL 参数来控制默认显示。Watch Amanda open and navigate her dashboard in full screen mode and then apply some URL parameters to control the default display. 然后按照视频下面的分步说明来自己尝试一下。Then follow the step-by-step instructions below the video to try it out yourself.

全屏模式下的仪表板和报表页Dashboards and report pages in full screen mode

  1. 从仪表板或报表上方的 Power BI 菜单栏中选择全屏图标 全屏图标From the Power BI menu bar above your dashboard or report, select the full screen icon full screen icon . 仪表板画布或报表页将填充整个屏幕。Your dashboard canvas or report page fills the entire screen. 以下为仪表板示例。The example below is a dashboard.


  2. 在全屏幕模式下,有多个菜单选项。In full screen mode, you have several menu options. 若要显示菜单,只需移动鼠标或光标。To reveal the menu, just move your mouse or cursor.

    仪表板菜单Menu for dashboards

    报表页菜单Menu for report pages

    返回图标 Back icon
    使用“返回”按钮导航到浏览器中的前一页。Use the Back button to navigate to the previous page in your browser. 如果前一页是 Power BI 页面,它也将以全屏模式显示。If the previous page was a Power BI page, it too will display in full screen mode. 全屏模式将一直保持,直到你退出。Full screen mode will persist until you exit out.

    使用此按钮可以全屏模式打印仪表板或报表页。Use this button to print your dashboard or report page in full screen mode.

    适应屏幕图标 Fit to screen icon
    使用“适应屏幕”按钮来尽可能以最大大小显示仪表板,而无需使用滚动条。Use the Fit to screen button to display your dashboard at the largest size possible without resorting to scrollbars.


    适应宽度图标 Fit to width icon
    有时你并不关心滚动条,但希望仪表板能横向填充整个可用空间。Sometimes you don't care about scrollbars, but want the dashboard to fill the entire width of the available space. 选择“适应宽度”按钮。Select the Fit to width button.


    在全屏显示的报表中,使用这些箭头在报表页之间移动。In full screen reports, use these arrows to move between the pages in the report.

  3. 若要退出全屏模式,请选择“退出全屏”图标。To exit full screen mode, select the Exit full screen icon.

全屏模式下的可视化效果和仪表板磁贴Visualizations and dashboard tiles in full screen mode

  1. 若要在全屏模式下显示仪表板磁贴和报表可视化效果,必须先从已处于焦点模式的磁贴或可视化效果开始。To display dashboard tiles and report visualizations in full screen mode, you must start with that tile or visualization already in Focus mode.

  2. 然后,选择该磁贴或视觉对象的全屏图标Then, select the Full screen icon 全屏图标 for that tile or visual. 磁贴或视觉对象将会全屏显示,而无菜单或导航栏。The tile or visual will display full screen without menus or navigation bars.

后续步骤Next steps

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焦点”模式Focus mode

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