应如何在 Power BI 中开展协作并进行共享?How should I collaborate and share in Power BI?

你已创建仪表板和报表。You've created dashboards and reports. 可能也会和同事协作处理它们。Maybe you collaborate on them with your coworkers, too. 这样就需要其他人有权限访问它们。Then you want others to have access to them. 分发的最好方式是什么?What's the best way to distribute them?

在本文中,我们将对比 Power BI 中这些用于协作和共享选项:In this article, we'll compare these options for collaborating and sharing in Power BI:

  • 在应用工作区中与同事进行协作,创建有价值的报表和仪表板。Collaborating with coworkers to create meaningful reports and dashboards in app workspaces.
  • 将这些仪表板和报表打包为应用,并将其发布到到更大的组或整个组织。Bundling those dashboards and reports into apps and publishing them to a larger group or your whole organization.
  • 在服务或 Power BI 移动应用中与几位用户共享仪表板或报表。Sharing dashboards or reports with a few people, from the service or the Power BI mobile apps.
  • 发布到 Web,任何人都可以在其中查看和与之交互。Publishing to the web, where anyone can see and interact with them.
  • 打印。Printing.

无论选择了哪个选项,要共享仪表板,都需要 Power BI Pro 许可证,或者该内容需要位于高级容量中。No matter which option you choose, to share a dashboard you need a Power BI Pro license, or the content needs to be in a Premium capacity. 许可证要求因查看仪表板的同事而各不相同,具体取决于所选择的选项。License requirements vary for the colleagues who view your dashboards, depending on the option you choose. 以下各节将进行详细说明。The following sections spell out details.

Power BI 服务中的应用

Power BI 服务中的应用Apps in the Power BI service

与同事协作创建应用Collaborate with coworkers to create an app

假设你和你的队友想要将 Power BI 见解发布到你的组织。Say you and your teammates want to publish your Power BI insights to your organization. 最好的方法是构建一个应用。The best way to do that is to create an app. 应用是仪表板和报表的集合,生成应用的目的是为组织提供关键指标。An app is a collection of dashboards and reports built to deliver key metrics for your organization.

若要构建应用,需要具备应用工作区,并且你的队友需要成为该工作区的成员。To create an app, you need a app workspace, with your teammates as members. 将应用工作区视为你和队友可以在 Power BI 仪表板和报表上进行协作的临时区域。Think of the app workspace as a staging area where you and they can collaborate on your Power BI dashboards and reports. 你们所有人均可以在 Power BI Desktop 中创建报表,并将这些报表发布到应用工作区,同时你们所有人都需要 Power BI Pro 许可证。All of you can create reports in Power BI Desktop and publish those reports to the app workspace, and all of you need Power BI Pro licenses.


如果只需要与同事共享已完成的仪表板,则请勿将他们添加到应用工作区。If you just want to share a finished dashboard with colleagues, don't add them to the app workspace. 反之,请在应用工作区中创建仪表板并向同事发布应用。Instead, create the dashboard in an app workspace, and publish the app to them.

向广泛的受众发布应用Publish your app to a broad audience

假设你想要将仪表板分发给广泛的受众。Say you want to distribute your dashboard to a broad audience. 你和同事创建了一个应用工作区,然后在此应用工作区中创建并优化了仪表板、报表和数据集。You and your coworkers have created an app workspace, then created and refined dashboards, reports, and datasets in the app workspace. 现在选择所需的仪表板和报表,并将它们作为应用向安全组或通讯组列表的成员发布,或者将其发布到整个组织。Now you select the dashbards and reports you want and publish them as an app — either to members of a security group or distribution list, or to your whole organization.


可以在 Power BI 服务 (https://powerbi.com) 中轻松找到应用并进行安装。Apps are easy to find and install in the Power BI service (https://powerbi.com). 可以向业务用户发送应用的直接链接,或者他们可以在 AppSource 中搜索此应用。You can send your business users a direct link to the app, or they can search for it in AppSource. 如果 Power BI 管理员已授予你权限,则可以将应用自动安装到同事的 Power BI 帐户中。If your Power BI administrator give you permissions, you can install an app automatically in your coworkers' Power BI accounts. 阅读有关发布应用的详细信息。Read more about publishing your apps.

安装应用后,他们可以在浏览器或移动设备中查看应用。After they install an app, they can view it in their browser or mobile device.

对于查看你的应用的用户,他们同样需要拥有 Power BI Pro 许可证,或者应用需要存储在 Power BI 高级容量中。For your users to view your app, either they need to have a Power BI Pro license, too, or the app needs to be stored in a Power BI Premium capacity. 请阅读什么是 Power BI Premium?了解详细信息。Read What is Power BI Premium? for details.

共享仪表板和报表Share dashboards and reports

假设你已在自己的“我的工作区”或应用工作区中完成仪表板和报表,并且希望其他人也有权访问它。Let's say you've finalized a dashboard and a report in your own My Workspace or in an app workspace and you want some other people to have access to it. 一种用于访问的方法是共享它。One way to get it to them is to share it.


需要 Power BI Pro 许可证才能共享内容,你与之共享的人员也需要许可证才能共享,或者该内容需要位于高级容量中。You need a Power BI Pro license to share your content, and those you share it with do too, or the content needs to be in a Premium capacity. 你共享仪表板或报表时,他们可以查看仪表板并与其交互,但不能编辑。When you share a dashboard or report, they can view it and interact with it, but can't edit it. 除非将行级别安全性 (RLS) 应用到基础数据集,否则他们会看到你在仪表板和报表中看到的相同数据。They see the same data that you see in the dashboard and reports unless row-level security (RLS) is applied to the underlying dataset. 如果你允许,与之共享的同事可以与其他同事共享。The coworkers you share it with can share with their coworkers, if you allow them to.

也可以与组织外的用户共享。You can share with people outside your organization, too. 他们可以查看仪表板并与之交互,但不能共享它。They can view and interact with the dashboard too, but can't share it.

有关从 Power BI 服务共享仪表板和报表的详细信息。More about sharing dashboards and reports from the Power BI service. 此外,还可以向链接添加筛选器并共享报表的筛选视图You can also add a filter to a link and share a filtered view of your report.

从 Power BI 移动应用添加批注并共享Annotate and share from the Power BI mobile apps

在适用于 iOS 和 Android 设备的 Power BI 移动应用中,可以为磁贴、报表或视觉对象添加批注,并通过电子邮件与任何人共享。In the Power BI mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, you can annotate a tile, report, or visual and then share it with anyone via email.


在共享磁贴、报表或视觉对象快照时,收件人看到的与你发送邮件时的内容完全一致。You're sharing a snapshot of the tile, report, or visual, and your recipients see it exactly as it was when you sent the mail. 邮件还包含仪表板或报表的链接。The mail also contains a link to the dashboard or report. 如果他们有 Power BI Pro 许可证,或者该内容位于高级容量中,并且你已与他们共享对象,则他们可以打开此对象。If they have a Power BI Pro license, or the content is in a Premium capacity, and you've shared the object with them already, they can open it. 可以向任何人(不仅仅是同一电子邮件域的同事)发送磁贴的快照。You can send snapshots of tiles to anyone — not just coworkers in the same email domain.

有关从 iOS 和 Android 移动应用添加注释并共享磁贴、报表和视觉对象的详细信息。More about annotating and sharing tiles, reports, and visuals from the iOS and Android mobile apps.

还可以通过适用于 Windows 10 设备的 Power BI 应用共享磁贴快照You can also share a snapshot of a tile from the Power BI app for Windows 10 devices.

发布到 WebPublish to the web

可以通过在任意设备上将交互式视觉对象嵌入到博客文章、网站、社交媒体以及其他联机交流媒介,将 Power BI 报表发布到整个 Internet。You can publish Power BI reports to the whole Internet by embedding interactive visualizations in blog posts, websites, social media, and other online communications on any device. Internet 上的任何人都可以查看你的报表,并且你无法控制谁可以查看已发布的内容。Anyone on the Internet can view your reports, and you have no control over who can see what you've published. 他们不需要 Power BI 许可证。They don't need a Power BI license. 只能将可以编辑的报表发布到 Web。Publishing to the web is available only for reports that you can edit. 如果是与你共享的报表或者报表位于应用内部,则无法将其发布到 Web。You can't publish reports to the web if they're shared with you or if they're in an app. 有关发布到 Web 的详细信息。More about publishing to the web.

可以在 Power BI 服务中打印整个仪表板、仪表板磁贴、报表页或可视化效果,或将其另存为 PDF(或其他静态文件格式)。You can print or save as PDF (or other static file format) an entire dashboard, dashboard tile, report page, or visualization from the Power BI service. 一次只能打印一页报表,而不能一次打印整个报表。Reports can only be printed one page at a time -- you can't print the entire report at once. 有关打印或另存为静态文件的详细信息。More about printing or saving as a static file.

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