Power BI Premium 发行说明Power BI Premium release notes

以下是 Power BI Premium 的发行说明,Power BI Premium 具有专用容量,可为组织或团队提供更可靠的性能、更大的数据量,并且支持在不具有每用户许可证的情况下为查看者分发内容。These are the release notes for Power BI Premium, a dedicated capacity giving your organization or team more dependable performance, larger data volumes, and the ability to distribute content without per-user licenses for viewers.

  • 具有 Power BI 免费许可证的用户现在可以在 Power BI 服务的高级工作区中查看与他们共享的仪表板。Users with Power BI Free licenses can now view dashboards shared with them from Premium workspaces in the Power BI service.
  • 容量管理员现在可以自动获取容量分配权限。Capacity admins now automatically get capacity assignment permissions.
  • 动态行级别安全性 (RLS) 现在适用于嵌入的用例。Dynamic row-level security (RLS) is now available for embedded use cases. 有关详细信息,请参阅具有嵌入式分析的行级别安全性 (RLS)For more information, see Row-level security (RLS) with embedded analytics.
  • 目前不支持使用 powerbi.com 将 Power BI 应用分发给其他 AAD 租户中的用户。Distributing Power BI apps to users in other AAD tenants using powerbi.com is not yet supported. 我们正在努力对此进行改进。We are working on enabling this.
  • 个人网关用户必须升级到最新版本才能继续在 Power BI Premium 工作区中刷新数据。Users of the Personal Gateway must upgrade to the latest version in order to continue refreshing their data in Premium workspaces.
  • 初始版本的 Power BI Premium 容量不支持导入超过 1 GB 的数据集。Imported datasets greater than 1 GB are not supported in Premium capacity at initial release. 我们正在努力对此进行改进。We are working on enabling this.
  • 用户必须先至少登录一次 Power BI 服务,才能分配到容量管理员身份或获得工作区分配权限。Users must log in at least once to the Power BI service before they can be assigned as capacity admins or given workspace assignment permissions.
  • 可能会在短时间内遇到以下情况:每秒执行的直接查询/实时连接查询数超过了容量 SKU 中包含的查询数。You may see transient cases where you achieve more Direct Query/live connection queries per second than what is included in your capacity SKU. 不应依靠超过容量 SKU 中包含数量的吞吐量。You shouldn't rely on throughput above what is included in your capacity SKU.

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