订阅 Power BI 报表或仪表板Subscribe to a Power BI report or dashboard

现在,及时更新最重要的仪表板和报表,比以前更加轻松。It's never been easier to stay up-to-date on your most important dashboards and reports. 订阅最重要的报表页和仪表板,Power BI 将会通过电子邮件将快照发送到收件箱。Subscribe to report pages and dashboards that matter most to you, and Power BI will email a snapshot to your inbox. 告知 Power BI 所需的电子邮件接收频率:从每天一次到每周一次。You tell Power BI how often you want to receive the emails: from once a day to once a week. 电子邮件和快照将使用 Power BI 设置中设置的语言。The email and snapshot will use the language set in Power BI Settings. 如果未定义任何语言,Power BI 将使用当前的浏览器语言。If no language is defined, Power BI uses the current browser language.

若要查看或设置语言首选项,请选择齿轮图标 >“设置”>“常规”>“语言”。To see or set your language preference, select the cog icon > Settings > General > Language.


只能在 Power BI 服务中创建订阅。Subscriptions can only be created in Power BI service. 收到的电子邮件中包含“转到报表/仪表板”链接。When you receive the email it will include a link to "go to report/dashboard". 在安装了 Power BI 应用的移动设备上,选择此链接将启动应用(而不是执行在 Power BI 网站上打开报表或仪表板这样的默认操作)。On mobile devices with Power BI apps installed, selecting this link launches the app (as opposed to the default action of opening the report or dashboard on the Power BI website).

观看 Sirui 如何设置报表的电子邮件订阅。Watch Sirui set up an email subscription for a report. 然后按照视频下面的分步说明来自己尝试一下。Then follow the step-by-step instructions below the video to try it out yourself.


创建订阅是一项 Power BI Pro 功能,必须拥有查看或编辑内容(仪表板或报表)的权限。Creating a subscription is a Power BI Pro feature and you must have view or edit permissions to the content (dashboard or report).

订阅仪表板Subscribe to a dashboard

  1. 打开仪表板。Open the dashboard.
  2. 在顶部菜单栏中,选择“订阅”或信封图标 From the top menubar, select Subscribe or select the envelope icon .

  3. 使用黄色滑块可启用和禁用订阅。Use the yellow slider to turn the subscription on and off. 将滑块设置为“关”不会删除订阅。Setting the slider to Off will not delete the subscription. 若要删除订阅,请选择垃圾桶图标。To delete the subscription, select the trashcan icon.

  4. 选择“保存并关闭”,保存订阅。Select Save and close to save the subscription. 每次任意基础数据集发生更改时,你都会收到仪表板的电子邮件快照。You will receive an email snapshot of the dashboard each time any of the underlying datasets change. 如果仪表板一天刷新多次,只会在首次刷新后收到快照电子邮件。If the dashboard refreshes more than once a day, you will only receive the email snapshot after the first refresh.


    想立即查看电子邮件?Want to see the email right away? 刷新一个与仪表板相关联的数据集,从而触发电子邮件。Trigger an email by refreshing one of the datasets associated with the dashboard. (如果你没有对数据集的编辑权限,则只能请具有这些权限的人员为你执行此操作。)若要确定创建仪表板使用了哪些数据集,请选择仪表板中的“查看相关内容”图标 打开相关内容,然后选择刷新图标 (If you don't have edit permissions to the dataset, you will have to ask someone who has those permissions to do this for you.) To find out which datasets are being used to create the dashboard, from the dashboard, select the View related icon to open Related content and then select the refresh icon .

订阅报表页面Subscribe to a report page

  1. 阅读视图中打开报表。Open the report in Reading view.
  2. 在顶部菜单栏中,选择“订阅”。From the top menubar, select Subscribe.

  3. 可以一次订阅一个报表页面。You can subscribe to one report page at a time. 从下拉列表中选择特定的报表页面。Select the particular report page from the dropdown.

    继续添加报表页面。Continue to add report pages.

  4. 使用黄色滑块可打开和关闭每个页面的订阅。Use the yellow slider to turn the subscription for each page on and off. 将滑块设置为“关”不会删除订阅。Setting the slider to Off will not delete the subscription. 若要删除订阅,请选择垃圾桶图标。To delete the subscription, select the trashcan icon.

  5. 选择“保存并关闭”,保存订阅。Select Save and close to save the subscription. 此时,如果报表刷新,你就会收到一封包含每个报表页面快照的电子邮件。You will receive an email snapshot of each report page when the report is refreshed. 如果报表没有刷新,那天你就不会收到快照电子邮件。If the report doesn't refresh, you will not receive a snapshot email that day. 如果报表多次刷新,你只会在首次刷新后收到快照电子邮件。If the report refreshes more than once a day, you will only receive the email snapshot after the first refresh.


    想立即查看电子邮件?Want to see the email right away? 通过打开数据集并选择“立即刷新”来触发电子邮件。Trigger an email by opening your dataset and selecting Refresh now. 如果你没有对数据集的编辑权限,则你只能要求具有这些权限的人为你执行此操作。If you don’t have edit permissions to the dataset, you will have to ask someone who has those permissions to do this for you.

如何确定报表订阅的电子邮件发送计划How the email schedule for reports is determined

下表介绍了你将接收电子邮件的频率。The following table describes how frequently you will receive an email. 这完全取决于仪表板或报表依据的数据集的连接方法(DirectQuery、实时连接、导入 Power BI,或 OneDrive/SharePoint Online 中的 Excel 文件),以及可用和已选择的订阅选项(“每日一次”、“每周一次”或“无”)。It all depends on the connection method of the dataset upon which the dashboard or report is based (DirectQuery, Live connection, imported to Power BI, or Excel file in OneDrive or SharePoint Online) and on the subscription options available and selected (daily, weekly, or none).

DirectQueryDirectQuery 实时连接Live Connect 计划的刷新(导入)Scheduled refresh (import) OneDrive/SharePoint Online 中的 Excel 文件Excel file in OneDrive/SharePoint Online
报表/仪表板多久刷新一次?How often does the report/dashboard get refreshed? 每 15 分钟Every 15m Power BI 每 15 分钟检查一次,如果数据集已更改,则会刷新报表。Power BI checks every 15 minutes, and if the dataset has changed, the report is refreshed. 用户可以选择无、每日或每周。User selects none, daily, or weekly. 每日可以一天多达 8 次。Daily can be up to 8 times a day. 每周实际上是一个每周计划,用户可以创建和设置刷新,少至一周一次,多至每天一次。Weekly is actually a weekly schedule that the user creates and sets refresh for as few as once a week and as often as daily. 每小时一次Once every hour
用户对订阅电子邮件计划有多少控制权?How much control does the user have over the subscription email schedule? 选项为:每日或每周Options are: daily or weekly 无选项:如果报表刷新,则向用户发送电子邮件,但每天最多一次。No options: users is sent an email if the report refreshes, but no more than once per day. 如果刷新计划为每日一次,选项为“每日一次”和“每周一次”。If the refresh schedule is daily, options are daily and weekly. 如果刷新计划为每周一次,选项仅为“每周一次”。If the refresh schedule is weekly only option is weekly. 无选项:每当数据集更新时向用户发送电子邮件,但每天最多一次。No options: user is sent an email whenever the dataset is updated, but no more than once per day.

管理订阅Manage your subscriptions

订阅管理屏幕的路径有 2 个。There are 2 paths to the screen for managing your subscriptions. 第一个是选择“订阅电子邮件”对话框中的“管理所有订阅”(见上述第 3 步)。The first is by selecting Manage all subscriptions from the Subscribe to emails dialog (see step 3 above). 第二个是选择顶部菜单栏中的 Power BI 齿轮图标 ,然后选择“设置”。The second is by selecting the Power BI cog icon from the top menubar and choosing Settings.

具体显示哪些订阅视当前处于活动状态的工作区而定。The particular subscriptions displayed will depend on which workspace is currently active. 若要一次性查看所有工作区的全部订阅,请确保“我的工作区”处于活动状态。To see all of your subscriptions at once for all workspaces, be sure that My Workspace is active. 若要了解工作区,请参阅 Power BI 中的工作区For help understanding workspaces, see Workspaces in Power BI.

如果 Pro 许可证已到期、仪表板或报表被所有者删除、用于创建订阅的用户帐户被删除,那么订阅将结束。A subscription will end if the Pro license expires, the dashboard or report is deleted by the owner, the user account used to create the subscription is deleted.

注意事项和疑难解答Considerations and troubleshooting

  • 暂无法订阅内容包或 Power BI 应用中的仪表板或报表。At the current time, subscribe is not available for dashboards or reports that come from content packs or Power BI apps. 不过,解决方法也是有的,就是复制报表/仪表板,再改为订阅相应的版本。But there is a workaround...make a copy of the report/dashboard and add subscriptions to that version instead.
  • 报表页订阅与报表页面的名称是相关联的。Report page subscriptions are tied to the name of the report page. 如果你订阅一个报表页,而后将其重命名,则必须重新创建订阅If you subscribe to a report page, and rename it, you will have to re-create your subscription
  • 对于实时连接数据集上的电子邮件订阅,你只会在数据更改时收到电子邮件。For email subscriptions on live connection datasets, you will only get emails when the data changes. 因此,如果发生刷新但没有数据更改,Power BI 不会向你发送电子邮件。So, if a refresh occurs but no data changes, Power BI will not send you an email.
  • 电子邮件订阅不支持大多数自定义视觉对象Email subscriptions do not support most custom visuals. 已经过认证的自定义视觉对象除外。The one exception is those custom visuals that have been certified.
  • 电子邮件订阅与报表的默认筛选器和切片器状态一起发送。Email subscriptions are sent with the report's default filter and slicer states. 你在订阅前对默认设置所做的任何更改都不会显示在电子邮件中。Any changes to the defaults that you make before subscribing will not show up in the email.
  • 由 Power BI Desktop 创建的实时连接到服务功能的报表页尚不支持电子邮件订阅。E-mail subscriptions are not yet supported on reports pages created by the Power BI Desktop live connect to service feature.
  • 对于仪表板订阅,具体来说,尚不支持某些类型的磁贴。For dashboards subscriptions specifically, certain types of tiles are not yet supported. 其中包括流磁贴、视频磁贴、自定义 Web 内容磁贴。These include: streaming tiles, video tiles, custom web content tiles.
  • 如果与租户外部的同事共享仪表板,此人将无法订阅仪表板或其关联的报表页。If you share a dashboard with a colleague outside of your tenant, they will not be able to subscribe to the dashboard or its associated report pages. 因此,如果你是 aaron@xyz.com,可以与 anyone@ABC.com 共享内容。不过,anyone@ABC.com 无法订阅共享的内容。So if you are aaron@xyz.com, you can share with anyone@ABC.com. But anyone@ABC.com cannot subscribe to the shared content.
  • 由于电子邮件大小限制,可能无法订阅包含极大图像的仪表板或报表。Subscriptions may fail on dashboards or reports with extremely large images due to email size limits.
  • 如果超过 2 个月一直没有人访问仪表板和报表,那么 Power BI 会自动暂停刷新与它们关联的数据集。Power BI automatically pauses refresh on datasets associated with dashboards and reports that have not been visited in more than 2 months. 不过,如果添加对仪表板或报表的订阅,即使无人访问,也不会暂停刷新。However, if you add a subscription to a dashboard or report, it will not be paused even if it goes unvisited.
  • 如果未收到订阅电子邮件,请确保用户主体名称 (UPN) 能够接收电子邮件。If you are not receiving the subscription emails, ensure that your User Principal Name (UPN) is able to receive emails. Power BI 团队正在努力放宽此要求,敬请关注。The Power BI team is working on relaxing this requirement, so stay tuned.

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